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Our Passion and Purpose

We are crazy for handstands and passionate about children and gymnastics! Our purpose is to provide quality instruction with enthusiasm in a clean, safe and fun environment. Our classes focus on the physical strengths and skills of gymnastics, while also striving to instill life lessons of persistence and determination.


Fun and progressive skills to develop and maximize your body’s full potential.

Trampoline & Tumbling

High flying trampoline fun incorporating basic and advanced tumbling skills!


The fast paced, physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle by adapting your movements to the environment.

Ninja Zone

A new, exciting fusion of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training and freestyle movement.

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Coaches & Staff Facilities FAQs

Effective January 11th, while our county is in Phase 1, Spokane Gymnastics will be able to offer select programs, with extremely limited spots available! We will continue to follow all state-mandates and will not overfill either facility or go over established coach-student ratios, which currently is 6:1 and 500 square feet per participant, or approximately 7% occupancy!

Important Spokane Gymnastics Updates - new information posted January 5, 2021

Options for Gymnastics in January!

Spokane Gymnastics will provide Winter Session of instructional classes when Spokane County advances to Phase 2, and we can accommodate up to 25% occupancy. We will offer as much as we safely and legally are able. Thank you for your patience!

Gymnastics resources, rent mats or equipment, gift certificate, hire a coach for remote private lessons and other ways to support Spokane Gymnastics!

Full update and details on how we are taking care of our students, families and community