Level 9 Western Championships


Spokane Gymnastics is in partnership with the Spokane Sports Commission to host the 2019 Level 9 Western Championships!


Gymnasts will compete Friday, May 10th through Sunday, May 12th at the Spokane Convention Center. 

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A Truly Remarkable Event

The 2019 Level 9 Western Championships is the culminating competition for athletes at this level, and it takes considerable amount of hard work, time and skill to advance from beginning level 1 up to level 9 (there are 10 levels in gymnastics plus elite athletes). The gymnasts competing at this championship have proven themselves as the best in the nation; being top qualifiers at state, then from there advancing from the regional level. It’s likely that one or more of the athletes competing at this event will eventually become Olympians, probably in 2024.

These are the best level 9 gymnasts west of the Mississippi and there will be between 450 – 500 athletes competing at this event. Level 9 Eastern Championships will be taking place the same weekend in Florida.

While there is an enormous amount of preparation involved with organizing and hosting an event of this size, it’s terrific to be able to provide the opportunity for our athletes, their families, and our neighbors to be able to witness gymnastics at this level up close and personal. There is an intensity that Level 9 gymnasts show on every skill they attempt, making a championship event exciting to watch and a great learning environment for young athletes.

It’s a compliment when a city is selected multiple times to host a national sporting event. It’s a testament to how well Spokane represented when we hosted this same event four years ago. The people in our region are sports-friendly, and the 2015 event left a positive impression with everyone connected to it. This is the 4th national gymnastics event that the Spokane Sports Commission and Spokane Gymnastics have partnered to host since 2014.

We look forward to once again providing an exceptional experience for the visitors, and also share the artistry, strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and excitement of gymnastics with our community! We love gymnastics. We love Spokane. So it is thrilling to have the best of gymnastics in Spokane!


Nadine Burgess – Owner
Spokane Gymnastics
Meet Director – 2019 Level 9 Western Championships

Press Release From Spokane Sports Commission

“For the second time in four years, USA Gymnastics has selected Spokane to host the Women’s Level 9 Western Championships. After successfully hosting this same event in 2015, youth athletes from across the Western United States will once again be traveling to Spokane in May 2019—along with their coaches, families and fans.
A strong local organizing committee is vital to executing this type of high-caliber event. Spokane Gymnastics, a local leader in the sport, and our partner on previous gymnastic events will partner once again with the Spokane Sports Commission. 
“I love being involved in events that benefit Spokane. It’s a compliment when a city is selected once, let alone twice, for a championship like this,” says Nadine Burgess, owner of Spokane Gymnastics. “There is an intensity that Level 9 gymnasts show on every skill they attempt, making a championship event like this exciting to watch and a great learning environment for young gymnasts.” – Nadine Burgess, Owner of  Spokane Gymnastics and 2019 Level 9 Westerns Meet Director
In addition to developing our local gymnastics community, this championship contributes to our local economy through tourism. We can expect approximately 500 gymnasts as well as over 1,200 additional visitors—resulting in 1,500 overnight hotel room night stays. This adds up to an economic impact of $1.9 Million.