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Current September 2, 2022 – Nb

August Team Huddle Notes

Current September 2, 2022 – Nb

2022 August Team Huddle Notes



Please share your feedback about the competition season:

We will send out information later this week so you can schedule a time to meet directly with your coach.



July 25 – 29 – Team Camp #1 – Preteams, Xcel Bronze and Silver, USAGDP Levels 3 and 4
August 8 – 12 – Team Camp #2 – Xcel Gold, Platinum and Diamond, USAGDP Levels 6 and higher, and TNT Team



Meet information has been updated:


Xcel Bronze Springers Team Members




Upcoming Events:



Please designate one person in the family to complete surveys for your gymnast. If you have more than one gymnast, you may make note at the bottom if any of the answers are different. The survey should only let you complete the survey once and will give you a notification if you attempt to take it again. We will send confirmation of meets. Please refer any questions to Thank you!



Routine #3 – Left-footed gymnast (not sure why it will not load properly)


There are three different routine options. Gymnasts may work with their coach to determine their individual tumbling passes.

One of the three established routines are HIGHLY recommended for first-season team members. Gymnasts who competed in the 2021 season may choose to have an individual routine choreographed.


2022 Spokane Gymnastics Team Handbook