Spokane Gymnastics Cheer, Ninja, and Parkour Camp

Current July 6, 2023 – Nb

This page is created specifically for those registered to attend the July 17 – 21, 2023 Cheer, Ninja, or Parkour Camps at Spokane Gymnastics

We have three separate camps this week that are provided simultaneously: Cheer, Ninja, and Parkour!

Camp is Monday, July 17 through Friday, July 21 from 8:00am – 11:30am for morning, 8:00am – 4:00pm for full day and 12:30pm – 4:00pm for afternoon.

We will accommodate special requests for groups that make sense (two similar-age students in the same camp, for example, in morning cheer) that are communicated by July 13 at noon.

Morning Camp In-Take Form
Full Day Camp In-Take Form
Afternoon Camp In-Take Form

On Friday, July 21, all three camps will perform in our “Big Show” which is an opportunity for each camper to show what they have learned. Friends, families, and fans are welcome! The shows are at 11:00am and 3:30pm; full-day campers will perform in both shows, and parents can choose which they attend.

Each registered camper is then grouped with their peers who are in the same (cheer morning, etc.) camp. We have colored pods for the entire week to keep everyone organized. The first day of camp each child will have a wristband identifying their color group with their name on it. Wristbands are worn on Monday, but not needed the rest of the week since after the first-day campers will know their group.

For all three camps children should wear comfortable clothes, similar to what children would wear to PE classes. For girls, the best dress from the standpoint of instruction is a leotard but is not required at Spokane Gymnastics. Please no bare midriff, if sports bras and shorts are preferred by the student, then a fitted tank top or t-shirt must be worn as well. A tucked-in T-shirt and shorts or stretchy athletic style pants are acceptable but please no belts, buckles, snaps, or zippers. No jewelry may be worn and hair shoulder length or longer must be tied back.

Cheer Camp – Campers will remove their shoes and socks and will be barefoot during camp. We will provide pompoms on Friday for the big show.

Ninja Camp – Campers will remove their shoes and socks and will be barefoot during camp. Ninja attire is encouraged, but not required.

Parkour Camp – Depending on what rotation and what skills they are working on, campers alternate between being barefoot and wearing shoes. Please bring socks and athletic shoes to camp each day. Wrestling or minimal shoes are best, but any running or tennis shoes with a clean and grippy sole are acceptable.

Each day, please arrive on time for camp. We have pre-planned structured activities for each group and follow a rotation schedule, so campers get to experience a variety of gymnastics each day. Also, with our focus on offering a safe, fun, and productive experience, we have a warm-up and stretch at the beginning of camp. Children may be picked up early, simply check-out at the service desk.

Parents are always welcome to stay and watch any or all activities from the viewing area or may drop children off. Please sign your camper in and out every day, and be sure to indicate who is authorized to pick up on the sign-in sheet. For their safety, we will not allow campers to leave with friends or other relatives without written permission. This can be communicated each day on the sign-in sheet at drop-off. Whoever picks up campers each day must be back at the facility before the scheduled end time. In the event of an emergency or delay that will prevent this, please call 315-5433.

Campers tend to burn a lot of energy, so please pack a water bottle and plenty of snacks. Please provide food that does not contain nut products. We have many students in our program who have SEVERE and LIFE-THREATENING allergies. Please have your child eat before camp, and also pack snacks that do not contain nut products, in addition to a water bottle.

We have a variety of coaches who work with the camp groups throughout the week. We schedule strategically and also around the instructor’s class coaching schedule and other commitments. Your child will receive consistent and quality coaching but from several instructors throughout the week.

Spokane Gymnastics Argonne Village – 2515 N. Locust Road Spokane Valley 99206

Please bring:
Water bottle
Bag to contain personal items
Plenty of snacks that do not contain nut products
Parkour campers – tennis, wrestling, or minimal shoes with a grippy sole