January Team Huddle Notes

Current January 28 – Nb

We will continue to post all updates on our website. Please bookmark your team’s page, then all vital information will be linked from there. Competition information is tentative until posted as final. 

Join us at the Super Sweet Gymnastics meet on Saturday, February 4. In addition to all divisions of Xcel and levels 2 – 5, we have a session of Gymnastics League. Volunteers wanted (both kids and parents) to help make it a memorable event for everyone.

For the most current information about ANY competition, check the website. The ONLY page you need to bookmark is your team’s page, from there all information is linked to additional pages from that site. For example, “competitions” have all meets linked.

We will NOT send out email updates for each meet but will post all updates on the website as soon as we receive them. A lot of times we do not have much information in advance. Competition venues typically charge spectator fees. Sometimes is it card only, other times cash only. We usually do not know in advance, but when we do, we will share that information. Please come prepared with both options.

To confirm your child’s registration for a specific competition, you may check the list on the specific website or log on to your SG account and it will be listed under “Competitions”. The time will be at 5:00am until we received confirmed session times.

At the meets, please arrive at the designated posted time, not too early, not too late. Please keep your gymnast with you until it is time to gather with the team and meet the coaches. Once the gymnasts are out on the competition floor, they remain with their team and coaches for the entire session. We stay as a group and cheer for other athletes until the end of the meet, and go to awards together. Most times the coaches have another session and do not stay with the athletes for awards.

The Team App chat is only for those registered for specific meets so not everyone gets a notification
Please use the chat feature only between 8:00am and 9:00pm
You may use the Team App to message coaches directly

Secret Sister – all season long then a big reveal at the end-of-season parties. It does not need to be associated with meets, or involve big or elaborate gifts. Small notes of encouragement, etc. You can give items to Kourtnie at the service desk, or discretely to the coach, who will distribute. Random, fun surprises is the intention. If it is to be given at a meet, please give to the service desk by the Wednesday before the weekend since coaches travel to meets early.

State Qualifying Scores

Level 2 through 8 – 34AA
Level 9/10 – 32AA
Xcel Bronze/Silver – 35AA
Xcel Gold – Diamond – 34AA
IES – 8.5

Level 2/3 and Bronze/Silver – 1 judge panel
Level 4-10 and Gold-Diamond – 2 judge panel

Weekend of March 24 – 26, 2023 – Tacoma, Washington
USAGDP Levels 2-10 State Championships (qualifying score required)

Weekend of March 30 – April 2, 2023 – Details to be announced
Men’s Regionals in Palmer, Alaska (qualifying score required)

Weekend of March 31 – Kennewick, Washington
Xcel State Championships (qualifying score required)

Weekend of April 22, 2023
Xcel Regionals (includes Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Divisions – qualifying score AT STATE required)

Weekend of April 28 – 30, 2023 – Details to be announced
Men’s Western Championship in Galveston, Texas (qualifying score required)

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