2023 January Team Huddle Updates

January Team Huddle Notes

Current December 30, 2022 – Nb

We will continue to post all updates on our website. Please bookmark your team’s page, then all vital information will be linked from there. Competition information is tentative until posted as final. 

Competition venues typically charge spectator fees. Sometimes is it card only, other times cash only. We usually do not know in advance, but when we do, we will share that information. Please come prepared with both options.



State Qualifying Scores

Level 2 through 8 – 34AA
Level 9/10 – 32AA
Xcel Bronze/Silver – 35AA
Xcel Gold – Diamond – 34AA
IES – 8.5

Level 2/3 and Bronze/Silver – 1 judge panel
Level 4-10 and Gold-Diamond – 2 judge panel