2024 Royal Festival 

Current February 26, 2024 Nb


Spokane Convention Center

334 W Spokane Falls Blvd

Spokane, WA 99201


$15 for adults $10 for children & seniors

You can prepay for your admissions using this link here so you don’t have to wait in line.

Please know that we won’t be letting anyone in until approximately 15 minutes before your session starts.

There is a parking garage located conveniently right underneath the convention center. There are also additional parking lots around downtown Spokane.

The concession stand will be open for you to purchase food, drinks, and snacks by card only.


Scott Martinez will be taking pictures at the competition and will upload his pictures for you to purchase to this website

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Xcel Silver (Group 1)

Meet w/ Coach: 10:45 am Warm Up: 11:00 am

Athletes Attending

Zayda B. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Kaitlin C. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Summer J. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Harlow L.
Hailey P. v *Gymnastics League Athlete
Ella S.
Lexie S. F. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Ivy W. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Maria W.
Kaliah W.
Emily W. *Gymnastics League Athlete

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Xcel Silver (Group 2)

Meet w/ Coach: 2:15 pm Warm Up: 2:30 pm

Athletes Attending

Faith A.
Kara B.
Makenna C.
Kensington D.
Ella D.
Milly D.
Amy E.
Emily G.
Lillian H.
Avery H.
Aaylah K.
Serena L.
Chloe M.
Sydney M.
Brynn N.
Coco N. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Eliana R.
Irelynn R.
Emma R.
Paige S.
Kinzley S.
Ariya W.
Kayden W.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Xcel Bronze

Meet w/ Coach: 10:45 am Warm Up: 11:00 am

Athletes Attending

Lydia B.
Leah B.
Nellie B.
Allie C.
Marlee C.
Penny D.
Aviana D.
Madison F.
Skylynn G.
Yemi G.
Hadley J. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Charlotte K. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Ainsley L. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Kinsley L.
Kloey L.
Noelle L.
Andi M. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Teagan M.
Emilia N.
Pepper N. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Lucy O. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Madeline P. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Sage P.
Ari R.
Rylee R. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Braelynn S.
Victoria S.
Emory S.
Fay S.
Jocelyn T. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Abigail W. *Gymnastics League Athlete
Afton W.