2024 Xcel State Championships

Current March 30, 2023 – Nb

Current October 25, 2023 Nb

Hapo Center
6600 Burden Blvd
Pasco, Washington 99301

Awards for each session will be directly after each session; then team awards will be after the final session for that division. From the meet host:

“In compliance with USAG Washington State Committee guidelines, athletes in Bronze and Silver will receive All-Around medals only. Rules and policy state that awards go to the top 50% of each age group. All Xcel Bronze and Silver athletes will also receive achievement ribbons for events.”

Qualifying Scores:

Xcel Bronze/Silver – 35AA
Xcel Gold – Diamond – 34AA

A gymnast needs to achieve the qualifying score at one sanctioned competition in the 2024 season to attend the State Championships. There are State Championships for each program: Development Program, Xcel, TNT, and Mens, all on different weekends and at different locations.

After each competition this season, we submit the required information to the USAG state leadership and also registered each gymnast who has qualified on the USAG meet reservation system. This way, the host can start to plan.

You can confirm your gymnast’s qualification and reservation by logging on to your Spokane Gymnastics account and viewing their registrations under “competitions”. If you have any questions, please reach out.

We do not know session days or times yet, and likely will not until about ten days before state. This is due to athletes still qualifying as recent as two weeks before state.

The competition fee is $200 for Xcel gymnasts (in addition to any competition fees already or scheduled to be paid), which will be run on the card on file used for autopay on Date to Be Detemined. If you would like to pay sooner or use an alternate method, please reach out before the 15th.

We will post session details, including day and time just as soon as we receive information directly from the meet host. Please understand that this is likely not until 1-2 weeks before the State Championships. This is due to gymnasts still being able to qualify for state two weeks in advance. There are many details on the back end of hosting a competition, especially State Championships, and the hosts are working diligently to provide information so everyone can plan. Thank you for your understanding and patience! ?

Pro-tip: Book your hotel right away for all possible days, but have it be a refundable reservation where you can make changes without penalty.

Finally, at the State Championships, besides by level or division, the gymnasts are split by age groups, so it is not rare to have a single Spokane Gymnastics team have 2-3 gymnasts in a session, another 2-3 in another, and be spread out over multiple sessions. At state our full Spokane Gymnastics teams do not compete together.