Argonne Village Plan

Spokane Gymnastics Argonne Village Plan

For those enrolled in classes, we are currently sending out personalized detailed specific class information, including videos which share our strategy for entering and exiting the facility, our cleaning procedures, sanitizing rotations between students, additional hand-washing stations, physical distance between all students and instructors, and limited class size.

Regarding face coverings:

Coaches wear face coverings.

Students will NOT be required to wear face coverings while in class.

Coaches wear face coverings. Students are NOT required to wear face coverings while in class. Per Washington State proclamations, everyone five and older is required to wear a face covering. Unless exempt, gymnasts five and older should wear a face covering on when they enter and exit the facility. Students may keep their face covering with their personal belongings while they are doing gymnastics. Students are NOT required to wear a face-covering when in class. (Per the 20-05 proclamation, those exercising indoors and who are not part of a team sport may remove their face coverings.) The July 24, 2020 proclamation from Governor Inslee prohibits businesses from allowing customers to enter a business without face coverings. We must comply with this order. Spokane Gymnastics was already was closed for FOUR months because COVID. Please do not put our business in jeopardy of being shut down again! If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, then our active environment is probably not the best place at this time, and we are happy to provide special accommodation or future services. Thank you for your consideration of not putting our staff in a precarious situation.

Due to our commitment to do everything possible to provide a safe environment for all students, coaches, and our community, all staff, students, and spectators will have their temperature checked and need to be able to answer “no” to the following questions:

Have you had a fever in the past 48 hours?
Have you been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID?
Do you have any reason to believe that you have a medical condition that could pose a risk to others?

Upon passing (temperature of 100.3 or lower), each individual will receive an armband indicating they have been screened so they can enter and exit without needing to be screened again.

Gymnasts 5 and older should wear a face covering on when they enter and exit the facility. Students may keep their face covering with their personal belongings while they are doing gymnastics. Students are NOT required to wear a face-covering when in class. (Per the 20-05 proclamation, those exercising indoors and who are not part of a team sport may remove their face coverings.)

Our updated ratios are:
PE for Tiny Tots no more than six students (with their parent also out on the floor assisting) in a class. Also, PE for Tiny Tots classes will have two rotations to accommodate spreading out.

Preschool classes will all be limited to no more than five students for one coach.

School-age classes are now limited to 6 students for one coach (if all six students attend during Phase 2, we will have an additional instructor with the group, in Phase 3 the 6-1 ratio is appropriate.

We have moved all our competitive programs and athletes to Spokane Gymnastics Pines. All instructional classes are at our main facility, Spokane Gymnastics Argonne Village.

During all classes, in addition to the specific coach, we also have a “Floor Supervisor” on duty and extra “floating” coaches to assist.

During phase 2, we will operate at approximately 25% of capacity. During phase 3, we will operate between 30% – 50% capacity.

Siblings and parents may watch classes or camps from designated viewing areas. Still, they will need to maintain physical distance from others, and unless due to an exemption to proclamation 20-05 should wear a face-covering. We respectfully request that everyone refrains from bringing their entourage with them to Spokane Gymnastics 🙂 We do not want to need to limit “one spectator for each student” in the future, but if we start to get too full, that requirement would be the necessary step in our attempt to serve our students and families as safely as possible.

Since June 1st, we have been providing gymnastics training for small groups of our team athletes at our Pines facility. We continue to learn new things each day, and constantly are making adjustments and improvements.

In April, even before the extension of “Stay Home, Stay Healthy,” we made the decision to wait to reopen until July for our instructional classes so we would have time to adopt best practices, train all our coaches, and make necessary updates to our facility. There will be challenges, but we realize the importance of taking our time to be thoughtful and strategic, so we can provide a program that is safe, fun, and productive.

At both facilities, we have separate entrances and exits, plus designated areas for spectators.

We have removed the drinking fountains and ask everyone to bring their own water bottle. In addition, we have filtered water available for refills, and disposable bottles for sale.

Gymnasts follow a specific routine when they arrive and are not admitted early. Students wash their hands before, throughout, and at the conclusion of practice. Currently, at Spokane Gymnastics Pines, each athlete has their own gear (chalk bag, tape, spray bottle, etc. – typically not needed for instructional gymnasts) and we have eliminated the use of small props.

Coaches avoid physically “spotting” the athletes, although if a gymnast were falling or there was an immediate safety concern, of course, the coach would assist.

We use many visual markers, including velcro and vinyl spots, cones, and the “french fry/speed bump” mats.

We will not use the loose foam pit in the preschool gym, but we will use the big airbag in the side room (swapped out for loose foam in December 2019), which can be sanitized.

We don’t have it all figured out, and we are continuing to learn. If you think of questions or ideas, please share with me, so we can continue to improve. Our entire team will do the best we possibly can, but we are not, and will not be perfect.

We realize that outside of our control, another student or parent may arrive sick and potentially expose others. In addition to protecting all our students, families, and community, I’m also concerned about our coaches. We will be vigilant about watching for signs and continue to be generous and accommodating with make-ups. We will need everyone’s cooperation and patience.

For those with a compromised immune system or families who have any hesitation or concern, we invite you to wait until a future session. While we have decided to provide classes, there is no pressure or rush for anyone to attend now.

We look forward to providing a safe, fun, and productive gymnastics experience, whenever it is the best time for each family. We will send more information, including videos, next week once we have the physical updates to the facility complete. If you have any questions or if there is anything I may do to assist, please reach out.


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Spokane Gymnastics
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