What has changed, and what is remaining the same

What has changed at Spokane Gymnastics:

How and where students enter and exit the facility

Updated cleaning procedures and sanitizing equipment and rotations

Replaced drinking fountains with additional hand-washing stations

Physical distance between all students and instructors

Gymnasts follow a specific routine when they arrive and are not admitted early

All equipment is sanitized between use by campers and classes

Students wash their hands before, throughout, and at the conclusion of practice

Coaches only use small props which can be easily disinfected

Increased use of visual markers, including velcro and vinyl spots, cones, and “french fry/speed bump” mats

Coaches avoid physically “spotting” the athletes, although if a gymnast were falling or there was an immediate safety concern, of course, the coach would assist

Spokane Gymnastics no longer uses the loose foam pit in the preschool gym but will use the big airbag in the side room (swapped out for loose foam in December 2019), which can be sanitized

Staggered classes and additional time in between classes

PE for Tiny Tots and all Preschool classes are now 45 minutes. Classes that previously were one hour (typically Levels 1 and 2) are now 55 minutes. Classes that previously were 1.5 hour are now 85 minutes, and classes that were 2 hours are now 110 minutes. These updates are to accommodate in ingress and egress and provide ample time to sanitize between classes and rotations. All instructors have been working hard to provide the best lesson plans possible and to efficiently pack each class with safe, fun, and productive gymnastics activities. Everyone is thrilled to welcome children back to Spokane Gymnastics, and all updates are to provide the best experience possible within the new reality. Your understanding is appreciated!

Updated Spokane Gymnastics ratios:

PE for Tiny Tots – no more than six students (with their parent also out on the floor assisting) in a class, now with two rotations to accommodate spreading out.

Preschool Gymnastics – limited to no more than five students for one coach.

School-age gymnastics classes – limited to 6 students for one coach (if all six students attend during Phase 2, Spokane Gymnastics will have an additional instructor with the group, in Phase 3 the 6-1 ratio is appropriate).

During phase 2, Spokane Gymnastics operates at less than 25% of capacity. During phase 3, Spokane Gymnastics will operate between 30% – 50% capacity.

All competitive teams and athletes now train at Spokane Gymnastics Pines.  All instructional students and classes are at Spokane Gymnastics Argonne Village.


Things that remain the same at Spokane Gymnastics:

The commitment to provide a safe, fun, and productive gymnastics experience!

Engaged, knowledgable, experienced instructors who care about child development, and the well-being of each student.

Skills taught with progressions to build on a foundation and also improve each student’s balance, strength, flexibility, and agility.

The passion from the entire crew to positively impact the lives of all students and contribute to the community.

Parents welcomed to the program and facility and encouraged to watch their child’s gymnastics class (while maintaining physical distance from others).

The entire Spokane Gymnastics team’s boundless energy and enthusiasm. The desire to learn, improve, adapt, and serve each day.

The unwavering commitment to do hard things, because it is worth it, even during times of uncertainty. Celebrating 10 years of Spokane Gymnastics, and coming back stronger than ever!



A note from Nadine, the owner of Spokane Gymnastics:

We are thrilled to be able to once again provide a safe, fun, and productive gymnastics experience!
We will continue to communicate, be flexible, transparent, accommodating, fulfill our commitments, and provide support for our students, families, and coaches.
While this continues to be a challenging experience for everyone, it has and continues to be worth it. I, along with our incredible crew of instructors, are committed to doing everything we can to provide a safe environment, and also adjust as needed so we can hold on, continue to operate, and be able to serve our students and community.
Candidly, it is only because of the strong foundation that we have built over the past decade and the tremendous support from our families and community that we have been able to hang on through challenges that none of us could have predicted. We are a locally-owned small business, and being closed for four months is not something that any program can truly be prepared. However, we are one of the fortunate clubs, and we are so grateful! Unfortunately, many children’s activity clubs have already, and many more will permanently close due to COVID.
Beyond teaching gymnastics skills, I believe we contribute to child development by way of sports instruction, and our coaches positively impact our students’ lives. While COVID has dramatically changed many aspects of our program, I believe that what we provide matters, so we will continue to give it everything we’ve got, and adapt.
We have done and will continue to do everything possible to provide a safe environment. We purposely decided to wait until six weeks until after we could open to do so; we wanted the time to establish best practices and have the facility ready and coaches trained. Since June 1 at Pines and July 6 at Argonne Village:
We have operated at less than 25% occupancy.
We have adjusted all ratios to no more than five students for each coach.
We have staggered classes.
We have overhauled our entire class schedule.
We have provided separate entrances and exits.
We have updated our entire facility including replacing drinking fountains with hand-washing sinks.
We have socially distanced.
We have completed temperature checks of everyone who enters our facility.
We have increased all cleaning and sanitation procedures.
We have worn face coverings.
Our team has adapted to following new procedures, and I am proud to share that to our knowledge, there has not been a single confirmed case of COVID associated with any Spokane Gymnastics program, staff member, student, or family. We appreciate everyone working together to help us provide a safe environment for our students to learn, burn energy, and progress.
Thank you for trusting us with your children. We appreciate your confidence in us and we will continue to work hard to provide the best possible gymnastics experience. As always, if you have any questions or if there is anything I may do to assist, please reach out.
August 4, 2020