Gymnastics L2

Level 2 (Co-Ed) – 55 minutes Ages 5-12

Gymnastics is a long-standing sport that became legally recognized in 1881. Today, it is the melding of strength, balance, and precision to accurately execute complicated flips, twists, and other acrobatic movements. Women’s Gymnastics has four main events that athletes perform a variety of skills on, those being: the balance beam, uneven bars, vault, and spring floor. At Spokane Gymnastics, our instructional gymnastics courses are designed to take a beginning athlete and guide them on their way to acrobatic excellence. Our higher level gymnastics is for those athletes who have mastered intermediate skills and are focused on twisting elements, forward, back, and aerial tumbling, challenging vaults, and complex routines on the bars, beam, and floor.


  • M 1:15pm Co-Ed L2 w Jory
  • M 4:00pm Co-Ed L2 w Max
  • M 4:30pm Co-Ed L2 w McKenna
  • M 5:15pm Co-Ed L2 w Sariah
  • T 1:15pm Co-Ed L1/L2 w Tucker
  • T 4:15pm Co-Ed L2 w Mia G.
  • T 5:00pm Co-Ed L2 w Luca
  • T 5:30pm Co-Ed L2 w Bailee
  • T 6:00pm Co-Ed L2 w Bri
  • T 6:45pm Co-Ed L2 w Bailee
  • W 1:15pm Co-Ed L1/L2 w Jory
  • W 3:30pm Co-Ed L2 w Tejana
  • W 5:15pm Co-Ed L2 w Max
  • W 6:30pm Co-Ed L2 w Max
  • Th 1:15pm Co-Ed L1/L2 w Kelsie
  • Th 3:30pm Co-Ed L2 w Bailee G.
  • Th 4:00pm Co-Ed L2 w Eve
  • Th 4:15pm Co-Ed L2 w Kiersten
  • Th 5:15pm Co-Ed L2 w Eve
  • Th 5:30pm Co-Ed L2 w Kiersten
  • Th 6:15pm Co-Ed L2 w Bri
  • Th 6:30pm Co-Ed L2 w Eve
  • Th 6:30pm Co-Ed L2 w Kiersten
  • F 4:15pm Co-Ed L2 w Max
  • S 9:00am Co-Ed L2 w Max
  • S 9:30am Co-Ed L2 w Kiersten
  • S 10:15am Co-Ed L2 w Max
  • S 10:45am Co-Ed L2 w Kiersten
  • S 11:30am Co-Ed L2 w Kiarah
  • S 12:00pm Co-Ed L2 w Kiersten
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    Spring Floor

    The spring floor is arguably the most iconic gymnastics event in the sport. Here, athletes perform tumbling passes throughout the space on the floor, connecting flips and tricks to expertly craft a routine to be judged out of a score of ten. Passes may include: cartwheels, roundoffs, jumps, and many more skills. As in every practice, skills between levels range greatly, depending on the character and skill of the athlete. At Spokane Gymnastics we have multiple competitions taking place to test and prepare athletes, keep up to date via online or your coach!

    Uneven Bars

    Uneven Bars, more commonly referenced as “bars”, are a set of horizontal fiberglass poles that a gymnast swings on. Bar routines often consist of swings, spins, jumps and twists to elegantly connect a series of movements or tricks. Our apparatus are designed for every level of athlete, first learning front support and swing technique, then later learning a kip, fly away, and/or a giant. The uneven bars are a great skill for those crazy monkeys around your home! 

    Balance Beam

    At the beam, athletes of all levels perform to test their balancing skills on the leather-wrapped apparatus. In an athletes early progression, they will learn balancing techniques, cartwheels on the beam, and dismounts. As they move through the levels, our students will learn handsprings, jumps, and flips all while landing back on the beam! The balance beam includes a mix of dance and tumbling skills to perform a full routine eventually performed in competition. The beam is a rudimentary gymnastics event that has been used in competition since the 1960’s. When carried out by veteran athletes, balance beam routines can be a powerful spectacle!


    At Spokane Gymnastics, we believe in starting our athletes on all relevant events from their first day. In our first levels, students will learn how to mount and dismount the vault, usually beginning with a squat on, followed by a structured jump off. This apparatus, at higher levels, is used only for hand placement after a long run up. With a single hand placement, athletes can clear the entire obstacle in a series of elegant flips and twists. In our facility, we have two vault set ups and a large crash mat used in conjunction to safely further our students ability. Perfect for those athletes who enjoy the core events in gymnastics!