Preschool Parkour

Preschool Parkour (Co-Ed) – 45 minutes Ages 3-5

Parkour is the physical discipline of moving throughout ones surroundings with creativity and speed. Being the first installment into our parkour program, students will learn to jump, climb, and vault over obstacles as they will. This fundamentals course promotes needed body awareness with fun physical activity. Preschool classes are a great way for students to learn how to move in space and most importantly, learn to fall! This Spokane parkour program is a great place to start one’s athletic journey!


  • M 10:15am Preschool Parkour w Jamal
  • M 5:30pm Preschool Parkour w Bailee
  • T 11:00am Preschool Parkour w Tucker
  • T 4:00pm Preschool Parkour w Jamal
  • T 6:00pm Preschool Parkour w Jamal
  • W 6:00pm Preschool Parkour w Liv
  • F 10:00am Preschool Parkour w Liv
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