Spokane Gymnastics’ Coach In Training (“CIT”) program is designed to be an opportunity that benefits everyone involved: the CIT, their parents, the students at Spokane Gymnastics, and the company.

This program is by invitation to students who are at least 14 years old and are currently attending training at Spokane Gymnastics. It is an opportunity for them to learn job skills, and in trade, earn credit at Spokane Gymnastics towards their tuition or any program they prefer.

For every 2 hours worked by the CIT, one hour of classes at Spokane Gymnastics is provided to the CIT, their siblings, or to anyone else the CIT assigns. Spokane Gymnastics keeps a written record of hours worked and credited, then offers a monthly account for the CIT and their parent.

A shirt identifying the CIT is provided by Spokane Gymnastics and worn along with athletic attire during the hours that the CIT is working.

Hours are tracked by “Coach In Training” clocking in and out. The CIT works a set schedule and is expected to arrive at Spokane Gymnastics on time and ready to work.

CITs also attend all-staff meetings and various training opportunities. The goal of the CIT program is for the CIT to learn all aspects of coaching, including business, interaction with parents and students, physical spotting, class management, rotations, ideas, etcetera, as well as provide practical employment skills.

The CIT is taught proper spotting techniques but is not expected to spot skills beyond his/her physical or educational ability.

The CIT may be eligible for hire by Spokane Gymnastics at a time that is mutually agreed upon by all parties. This typically occurs when all feel comfortable that the CIT is ready to coach their own class or camp group independently and is a minimum of 16 years old.

The CIT always works with another instructor, never coaching a class on his/her own, and is never be alone with parents or students.

While working, the CIT is covered by Spokane Gymnastics, Inc. general insurance in the unlikely instance of an injury, but not in situations where the CIT is practicing their own gymnastics during non-working hours. The CIT is granted use of the facility for gymnastics practice during non-class hours provided there are additional coaches present for safety reasons and with prior approval.

The CIT is always directly supervised by a Spokane Gymnastics mentor coach for each shift, plus either a Spokane Gymnastics Floor Supervisor, Camp Activities Coordinator, or Department Leader.

Spokane Gymnastics realizes the importance of balance and scholastic achievement, therefore limits the available hours worked by a CIT to no more than 3 hours per week during the academic year and 8 hours per week during holiday and summer breaks.

Interested? Please contact Katarina@spokanegymnastics.com

2024 CIT Application