Demo Team

The Demo Team is made up of both boys and girls from Spokane Gymnastics and is by invitation only. Demo Team Gymnasts have the opportunity to show off their skills and their smiles as they put on performances at various events in the Spokane area throughout the year. To be on Demo Team is an honor and special privilege; students must be enrolled in classes, and participation is at the discretion of Spokane Gymnastics management.

Important Updates:

Meet The Coaches

Coach Aspen is from Spokane and is currently attending University High School. She did two years of high school gymnastics and six years of dance. Her favorite event is vault. Aspens coaching style is described as organized and safe. Some of the things Aspen enjoys is playing the violin and working out. She loves coffee and gold fish crackers. When Aspen was a kid she would put peanut butter on everything. Every year she travels to California.

Coach Kelsie loves the outdoors and has three fun kids. Spokane Gymnastics has been her home/job for over 9 years. She likes skittles and loves to sing and be silly and dress up.

Coach Natalie has a Criminal Justice degree from Spokane Community College. She did about five years of gymnastics and her favorite event to do is beam due to how challenging it is for her. Natalie’s coaching style is encouraging and fun! She loves soccer and skateboarding as wells as sushi, coffee, and Kit-Kats.



Time Commitment

One hour every other week

Practice Schedule

Second and fourth Friday’s of the month 

Upcoming Practices:

April 10, 2020
April 24, 2020
May 8, 2020
May 22, 2020
June 12, 2020
Spring Show Performance, afternoon of June 20th

Time Commitment

Leotard – $40

Special Events


Community Events