Fall options

Updates for families with students enrolled in Fall classes 

All students enrolled in fall classes have received 100% tuition paid for the final two weeks (originally scheduled to go through December 5) applied as a credit on each family account. Thanksgiving week was already scheduled as a break (13 weeks of gymnastics over a time span of 14 weeks), and a make-up class or credit is not applicable. Once Spokane Gymnastics is able to reopen, credits may be used for any Spokane Gymnastics goods or services. All credits on family accounts never expire, and are transferrable.

Upon announcement of a closure, all Spokane Gymnastics accounts are frozen for 30 days, to give our team time to get organized to properly serve everyone’s needs. As always, we will continue to communicate, be flexible, transparent, accommodating, fulfill our commitments, and provide support for our students, families, coaches, and community.

After the current freeze (through December 15, 2020), if a refund is requested for the two final two classes of fall session (instead of keeping the already applied credit on account for future use) or for winter class tuition (the deposit or tuition paid in full), Spokane Gymnastics will provide requested tuition refunds via check. The phase surcharges and annual membership fees are non-refundable. Requests may be submitted at any time, but Spokane Gymnastics will not process inquiries before December 7, 2020.

For families who choose to receive a refund instead of holding a credit on their Spokane Gymnastics account, in order to re-enroll in the future, manager approval is required. Re-admittance may include a conversation to determine that all procedures and policies are fully understood, and that Spokane Gymnastics is the best fit for everyone involved. Please note, if requested Spokane Gymnastics will extend special accommodation by way of a refund ONCE to a family, but repeat refunds will NOT be provided.