Lucky Charm Invitational Covid Guidelines

Lucky Charm Invitational COVID guidelines

Current February 28, 2022 Nb

We are thrilled to welcome you to the 2nd annual Lucky Charm Invitational! Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and memorable experience for each gymnast and her family!

Effective March 12, due to updates with the Washington State mandate, masks will not be required for anyone in either Spokane Gymnastics facility, and are optional. Anyone who feels more comfortable with face-coverings is encouraged to do so, but also should understand that majority of individuals will not be wearing masks.

For those who will choose to unmask, we look forward to seeing your faces. For those that choose to continue with masking, please know that you will not be alone. Optional means just that, optional. Many families and staff will continue masking until they are comfortable.

At Spokane Gymnastics, we support everyone’s timeline and respectfully ask that you all do the same.

There are several options for spectators to view all events, including the parent viewing area, the south-side mezzanine, and designated main-level seating for those with limited mobility.

Thank you!