Move to Learn Preschool

​Spokane Gymnastics and Children FIRST Therapy invite your child to be a part of our integrated preschool program!

 For typically developing children who are ready to learn and love to move; 2 years of age until their 3rd birthday. 

Nichole has her Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington University in Early Childhood Education and Reading. She has been teaching for over 9 years in preschool settings. Come have your child learn pre-academic concepts using the Move to Learn Curriculum. This curriculum encourages students to learn through play by using all their sensory systems to explore!

The program is integrated with the Children FIRST Therapy preschool located in Spokane Gymnastics Argonne Village!

Please call Nichole Bergam at 509-220-7151 prior to registering for Move To Learn Preschool or if you have any questions.

School Year Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday mornings


Please register at least 48 hours in advance. Thank you!

Preschool/Gym Schedule

9:00am—Free Play

9:15am—Circle Time

9:30-10:15am—Language, Fine Motor & Gross Motor Centers

10:15-10:45am—Gym Time


Please email any questions to Nichole at

What is Children FIRST Therapy?

Children FIRST Therapy provides the highest quality early intervention services for children birth to three with developmental delays through our unique, integrated preschool and group therapy programs.  Children learn best from their typically developing peers and our integrated preschool provides an opportunity to learn from and receive therapy with their school friends rather than attending an individual session in a more subdued clinical environment.

Our family-centered approach ensures that we also serve the child’s care givers by providing resource coordination and hands-on involvement in the child’s therapy. We also provide in home therapy sessions for children within our service area.

 Children FIRST Therapy is the only therapy program in the Spokane area offering an integrated preschool run by therapists.  At Children FIRST, children have the opportunity to receive their weekly therapies while learning traditional preschool concepts and methods alongside their typically developing peers.  Expert therapists skillfully engage children in their therapy work while they continue to engage in preschool activities and learning.  

Children FIRST Therapy is not simply a therapy preschool for children with disabilities and developmental delays, it is also a high-quality, successful preschool for typically developing children.  For more than 20 years, Children FIRST therapy has been successfully integrating children with developmental disabilities and typically developing children into the same preschool class and delivering curriculum that challenges all of their students, so that each child grows and reaches their own fullest potential. 

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