October Team Huddle Updates

October Team Huddle Updates


November 2- Nb

Handstand Hop and Rockin’ Socks Practice Meet – session times posted!

November 11 – Open Veterans Day – plus Camp!

Team Parents Night Out – Gymnastics Hair

November 29 at 6:30pm – Meet with Judge Tracy!

Team Huddle Schedule

Team Holiday Training Schedule

Make-up options for teams

2022 Team Camp Schedule

July 25 – 29 – Team Camp #1 – Preteams, Xcel Bronze and Silver, USAGDP Levels 3 and 4
August 8 – 12 – Team Camp #2 – Xcel Gold, Platinum and Diamond, USAGDP Levels 6 and higher and TNT Team


Team Pictures
Thursday, December 2, and Friday, December 3 – More information coming soon!

The competition schedule has been updated – we are no longer going to Wine Country Classic in Tri-Cities. Xcel Teams and USAGDP Levels 3&4 teams will have the option to attend the “Free to Flip” meet in Moses Lake the weekend of February 11 – 13 instead. Assessment fees for level 6-9 team gymnasts will be adjusted to $150 less. The May 2022 assessment fee will therefore be $25 for Levels 6&7 and $50 for Level 9.

Leotards have been ordered (or are available to be picked up at the service desk at Pines for pre-team gymnasts).

Xcel Bronze teams have the short-sleeve Sylvia P (green and blue) leotard – $95

Xcel Silver and Gold, plus Developmental Level 3 team have the long-sleeve Sylvia P (green and blue) leotard – $225

Xcel Platinum and Diamond may wear last year’s long-sleeve Sylvia P leotard or the previous season blue leotard

Developmental Levels 4-9 will wear a basic competition leotard for this season only – more information provided when they arrive

All teams will get new competition leotards in advance of the 2023 season

Leotard packages are now being provided ala cart
Backpacks are $65 and have been ordered
Warm-up jackets are $60 and have been ordered

Warm-up pants – Gymnasts choice, purchased direct new or existing that the gymnast already has
Must be plain black
Can be form-fitting or loose, ankle-length or capris