2022 USAGDP Optionals Levels 6-9 Regionals

2022 USAGDP Levels 6-9 Regionals
April 21 – 24, 2022
2022 USAGDP Regionals (levels 8 – 10, athletes qualify at State Championships)
Hosted by Naydenov Gymnastics
Regional DP Levels 7, 8, and Xcel Gold: Reminder numbers to regionals are determined by a percent of a percent based on the numbers each state has entered in their state meets. Example – If a state has 25 Level 8’s registered in their state meet and the region has a total of 400 Level 8’s registered in their respective state meets 25/400 x 100 = 6.5%. This means that 6.5% of the 240 allowed into regionals will be from that state (240 x 0.0625) or 15 athletes. Because this is based on numbers into state meets, the numbers per state will NOT be calculated until after the entry dates to state meet closes
Updates for 2022 coming soon!