Poinsettia Fundraiser Update (it’s still happening)!

The Poinsettia Fundraiser will continue as planned!


Following is important information that you will need to remember regarding your orders:
The last day of the fundraiser will be tomorrow, Monday, November 16th. ALL money and order forms must be turned in at practice that day by 6:30 pm.  WE WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE ORDERS.


Turn orders in at the front desk. Be sure to turn in the spreadsheet along with the money (CASH ONLY) in an envelope labeled with your daughter’s first and last name, a phone number to reach you at in case there are questions regarding your order and which team she is on.


We have realized since the fundraiser information went out that there was a small oversight. Our price point in the original e-mail was originally quoted on Poinsettias that didn’t have bows included. We have realized that the flyer we were sent from Plant Farm had bows included. If you would like your ENTIRE order to include bows, please write that on your daughter’s spreadsheet, and your profit margin will be slightly lower than what was quoted in the original e-mail. If your order does not say to include bows, your order will not receive bows, but the profit margin will be what was originally shared. Sorry for the oversight.


Each of the girl’s orders are kept separate since everyone’s amounts will be different. You will receive your spreadsheet back, along with how much your daughter earned when you pick up your Poinsettias.


Poinsettias will be at the Argonne Village gym and ready for pick up on Tuesday, November 24th.


More information will be sent out regarding pick up time as the pick-up date approaches.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Ashley Rounsley 879-5278 or Lori Meeks 953-8299, and they will answer any questions you have.


Thank you!