Individual membership fee ———— $30

Family membership fee ———- $45

The membership is valid for one year from the date of payment and provides discounts for all our programs.  When multiple children are enrolled in classes, 20%  of tuition is taken off the second-highest priced tuition and 10% is taken off each additional child’s tuition after that.  5% military discount.

15 Weeks of Gymnastics
45 minutes per week $235 for all 15 weeks
55 minutes per week $245 for all 15 weeks
85 minutes per week $335 for all 15 weeks
115 minutes per week $425 for all 15 weeks
165 minutes per week $499 for all 15 weeks
230 minutes per week $549 for all 15 weeks

13 Weeks of Gymnastics
45 minutes per week $209 for all 13 weeks
55 minutes per week $219 for all 13 weeks
85 minutes per week $299 for all 13 weeks
115 minutes per week $379 for all 13 weeks
170 minutes per week $449 for all 13 weeks
230 minutes per week $499 for all 13 weeks

8 Weeks of Gymnastics
45 minutes per week $144 for all 8 weeks
55 minutes per week $153 for all 8 weeks
85 minutes per week $207 for all 8 weeks
115 minutes per week $261 for all 8 weeks
165 minutes per week $315 for all 8 weeks
230 minutes per week $351 for all 8 weeks

6 Weeks of Gymnastics
45 minutes per week $112 for all 6 weeks
55 minutes per week $119 for all 6 weeks
85 minutes per week $161 for all 6 weeks
115 minutes per week $203 for all 6 weeks
165 minutes per week $245 for all 6 weeks
230 minutes per week $273 for all 6 weeks

For students starting the week of February 15 (when since Spokane County is in Phase 2 and Spokane Gymnastics can provide all winter classes), there are options for parents to select their preferred session duration.

Spokane Gymnastics “Flexible Winter Session Plan” includes the choice of:
6-week session of gymnastics, week of February 15 through March 27, 2021
13-week session of gymnastics, week of February 15 through May 15, 2021

Families do not need to decide which session duration option at this time but instead can communicate their preference between March 1 – 10, 2021.

For students in weekday morning classes that started the week of February 1, the session duration options are 8-week or 15-week winter session, since they started two weeks before our full winter session was able to be provided during peak times.

As always, no one pays for classes that Spokane Gymnastics was not able to provide. All family accounts will be manually adjusted to pro-rate the tuition down to the winter session Spokane Gymnastics is able to provide. We will manually take into account the February 1 or February 15 start date (depending on weekday morning or peak-time class) and if the student attended any special “Phase 1 drop-in classes” between February 1 – 13, 2021.


Spokane Gymnastics provides 10% multiple sibling discounts for children enrolled in classes, in addition to 5% discount if the student’s parent is active or retired military or a first responder (law enforcement, firefighter, or EMT).

Spokane County in Phase 2 – non-refundable $30 surcharge per child or $50 per family per session
Spokane County in Phase 3 – non-refundable $20 surcharge per child or $30 per family per session

Please note that in addition to being extremely restricted with our occupancy and having exceptionally small students to coach class ratios, we also have added expenses with administration, sanitation (supplies and cleaning), and operating.

Spokane Gymnastics is currently restricted by mandate as to what services we can provide, the student to coach ratios, and our facility occupancy is limited to less than 25%. Instead of increasing prices substantially and permanently to be able to cover increased costs, we have decided to associate a non-refundable surcharge to correspond with Spokane County phases which directly equates to operational expenses. As you might imagine, no one hopes more than we do that the virus is eliminated or at least contained to the point where we all can get back to normal operations and life. Thank you for understanding!

The Spokane County in Phase 2 or 3 non-refundable surcharges are required for all students and families enrolled in classes. The phase is based on what level Spokane County is on the first day of the session or the month. If we advance to a less restrictive phase mid-session or month, we all celebrate, and no adjustments will be made. If Spokane County goes back a phase, then Spokane Gymnastics will not charge an additional phase surcharge but will honor 100% credit for students enrolled for classes not yet provided if there is a closure, or if due to a change in phase, a family chooses to unenroll (but hold a credit on their Spokane Gymnastics family account).

There is a $50 deposit required per child per class to enroll. The deposit is applied to the student’s tuition. The balance is due the first day of class, or autopay to a Visa or MasterCard is an option for those enrolled in a session. There is a $10 fee per family per session to enroll in autopay, and that non-refundable fee is added to the first monthly payment. All future payments are run on the designated card between the 1st and the 5th of the month.

For families from spring who still have credits.
Going forward, we have adjusted our prices. In addition to our four-month closure, there now are substantially higher operational expenses.

However, in addition to the incentive bonus that you received, we will manually provide a discount to your family so there will NOT be a price increase for the full 13-week session for your family for as long as you are using the credit on your account (even partial).


If Spokane Gymnastics needs to close again due to COVID:

If Spokane Gymnastics needs to shut down before being able to provide classes for a session or month, then the full credit of what was paid will be held on the family’s Spokane Gymnastics account. The non-refundable surcharge will be held on each family account and will be applied to future sessions. All families are given the option of just paying $50 per child per class for sessions of gymnastics, or one-month in advance for month-to-month. The balance for tuition is not due until the first day of class.

Just as before, no one will ever pay for services that Spokane Gymnastics is not able to provide. In the event of a shutdown, 100% of all payments made for classes not provided will immediately be held as credits on each family account. 

If tuition is paid in full, then credit for whatever classes have not been provided will be held on each family’s account. If the closure is less than 30 days, then all credits and accounts will be frozen, but as always, no one will ever pay or be charged for services that Spokane Gymnastics is not able to provide. If closure is more than 31 days, then all credits held on family accounts will be given a 20% incentive bonus.

During the time where Spokane County is in Phase 2 or 3 and there are non-refundable surcharges, there also will not be any cancellation fee for dropping classes. 100% of all tuition paid, for all classes not yet provided (no matter attendance) will be held as credit on the family account.

If a refund is requested for a deposit or tuition paid, then 100% of tuition for all classes not yet provided (no matter attendance) will be refunded via check. The phase surcharges and annual member fees are non-refundable.

Please note, if requested Spokane Gymnastics will extend special accommodation by way of a refund ONCE to a family, but repeat refunds will NOT be provided.

A note from Nadine, the owner of Spokane Gymnastics:

The coaches at Spokane Gymnastics take gymnastics and your child’s development, health, and safety seriously. Beyond teaching gymnastics skills, I believe we contribute to child development by way of sports instruction, and our coaches positively impact our students’ lives.

While COVID has dramatically changed many aspects of our program, I believe that what we provide matters, so we will continue to give it everything we’ve got, and adapt. We will continue to do everything possible to provide a safe environment.

At both our Argonne Village and Pines facilities:
We have operated at less than 25% occupancy.
We have adjusted all ratios to no more than six students for each coach.
We have staggered classes.
We have overhauled our entire class schedule.
We have provided separate entrances and exits.
We have updated our entire facility including replacing drinking fountains with hand-washing sinks.
We have physically distanced.
We have completed temperature checks of everyone who enters our facility.
We have increased all cleaning and sanitation procedures.
We have worn face-coverings.

This year included obstacles that we could never have imagined. Due to COVID, Spokane Gymnastics has been completely closed for over six months out of the past ten! Being able to serve for four months between closures, even with limited capacity and programs, we were revitalized by the kids! They energized us and intensified our commitment.

Even with all the uncertainty and obstacles, our entire team stepped up and did whatever was needed to provide a safe, fun, and productive experience. We adjusted, we cleaned, we proved that we could exceed all our safety objectives and still create an exceptionally fun and valuable gymnastics experience! I am so proud of the level of passion and professionalism that our crew demonstrated and their unwavering dedication.

As we witnessed how much the previous closure impacted the kiddos, I also understand we only caught a glimpse of the daily reality that our families have endured. When we were open between closures, we also were fortunate to see how so many students blossomed again in a very short amount of time and how resilient children can be.
In November of 2020, when we were shut down again, our hearts were broken, not just for ourselves but because we witnessed how much our students need physical activity and connection with other children and their coaches. It was especially hard not being able to control many factors and realize that something special for so many was being taken away once again.

So we decided, even when closed, we would serve in the same way that we built our program. Instead of focusing on what we couldn’t do, we got creative with what we could contribute remotely. We provided free resources and support.

We’ve discovered we are capable of so much more than any of us previously could have fathomed! We are so determined to hang on during difficult times because we understand what our program means to our students’ physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being.

No matter the challenge, the team at Spokane Gymnastics will continue to communicate, be flexible, transparent, accommodating, fulfill our commitments, and provide support for our students, families, coaches, and community.

A year ago, we were looking forward to celebrating our 10th anniversary and counting down the days to the Olympics! I’m appreciative of our history and what we have accomplished together over the past decade. However, now as we prepare to reopen once again, I am most proud of our entire team and how we navigated the hardest year, which has also become the most meaningful.

Thank you for trusting us with your children! We appreciate your confidence in us and we will continue to work hard to provide the best possible gymnastics experience and earn your trust. We are thrilled to welcome you to Spokane Gymnastics for winter classes. If you have any questions or if there is anything that I may do to assist, please reach out.

Nadine! Burgess
Owner of Spokane Gymnastics
509-533-9646 Argonne Village (Main Facility)
509-290-5270 Pines (Team Facility)
509-590-6177 (Mobile)