Spokane Gymnastics Policies and Procedures


Children should be barefoot in general gymnastics classes; socks can be very slippery.

For Parkour students ages six and older (or five if in a “Firecracker Parkour” class), comfortable clothes along with athletic shoes, preferably wrestling or minimal shoes should be worn. Please bring clean, dry shoes with a good gripping sole to each class, and running or tennis shoes are acceptable.

For girls, the best dress from the standpoint of instruction is a leotard. A leo allows us to see exactly what position a child’s body is in, the better to make corrections. It also gives the instructor a good grip if the need to spot (take hold of the child) should arise. If a leo is not available, a tucked- in T-shirt and shorts or stretchy athletic style pants is acceptable, but no belts, buckles, snaps, or zippers are allowed on our equipment. No jewelry may be worn, and hair shoulder length or longer must be tied back. Please no bare midriff, if sports bras and shorts are preferred by the student, then a fitted tank top or t-shirt must be worn as well.

For boys, a fitted t-shirt and shorts are preferred, again, to be able to see the body position well. Loose clothing gets in the way of skills and hinders spotting. If the boy’s hair is long enough, it should be secured in a pony-tail.


At Argonne Village, please park anywhere in the gym parking lot and be courteous to our neighbors at the Vet Clinic by not parking in their spaces. We have additional parking on the north and east side of our facility, plus overflow is welcome in the northeast lot from our facility, behind SNAP Fitness. We appreciate your assistance in helping us remain good neighbors.


Spokane Gymnastics does not close due to snow, inclement weather or smoke, even when schools are closed or delayed. Even in the most extreme weather, our coaches have managed to come to the gym and have been prepared to teach their classes. To simplify things, our policy is always to offer classes unless there is a situation that causes the gym to be considered unsafe. You can count on us to provide your class, but if you feel that it isn’t safe to drive to the gym due to weather, please remember that we have many make-up options. Please update us as soon as possible if you are not going to attend.


We have a pre-planned lesson for each class and start classes on time. Due to insurance requirements, only children who arrive on time for class will be allowed to participate. If you are running late but on your way, please call so we can determine options to accommodate you. Please understand that this is for your child’s safety as well as the integrity of the class in general. Your understanding is appreciated!


We want to make sure you have the opportunity to make-up for missed classes. If you know that you will miss your class and proper notice is given, we will do everything possible to accommodate a make-up class. MAKE-UPS WILL ONLY BE PROVIDED IF WE ARE GIVEN 24 HOUR NOTICE PRIOR TO YOUR CHILD’S SCHEDULED CLASS THAT THEY WILL MISS so we may accommodate another student in need of a make-up class, to let them take that open spot. Make- ups are limited to 3 CLASSES or CLINICS per student, per class, per session. We happily provide unlimited make-ups in camps. Please check make-up class availability and schedule at least 24 hours in advance for structured classes and 48 hours in advance for special events.

MAKE-UP OPTIONS – (in addition to pre-scheduled structured classes)

Each Saturday from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Camp may be used in exchange for two-make-ups. Please register at least 48 hours in advance.

Some Saturdays from 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm. Camp may be used in exchange for two make-ups. Please register at least 48 hours in advance.

One-hour clinics focus on specific skills and events such as Back-Handsprings, Tumbling, Cartwheels, Pull-overs, Tumbl Trak, Beam and Bars. Clinics may be used as as a make-up for one missed class. Please inquire about schedule and details, and register 48 hours in advance.

Children potty-trained through 6-years-old learn fundamental gymnastics while their parents can enjoy a productive or relaxing morning! Our curriculum focuses on preparation for elementary school, and we incorporate learning colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and sequencing with structured gymnastics rotations. Children learn from our knowledgeable, engaged, and encouraging coaches focusing on the development of strength, balance, agility, coordination, and flexibility, along with games, challenges, and themed activities. Bitty Bee Academy is Monday mornings from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm (starting September 13). Bitty Bee Academy may be used as a make-up for two missed classes. Please register at least 48 hours in advance.

Back by popular demand! Indoor Playground is an unstructured open gym time for children 5 and younger, on Monday through Friday from noon – 1:00pm. Tiny people here have the chance to explore jumping, rolling, hanging, twisting, bouncing — every axis of motion — in a padded environment and within arms-reach of Mom or Dad. All equipment is perfect size for pre-school age children. Plus, Indoor Playground is perfect for adults to socialize with other parents while supervising their kiddos. Indoor playground is drop-in and it’s only $5 for members, or $7 for non- members. Adults are FREE as are children under 18 months! A 6-visit, $25 punch card for members ($35 for kids non-members) is also available.


Parents play an important role in the development of a successful gymnast. We welcome your presence at class practice, special events, and at every competition. We are a family-friendly and oriented gym. We want your input and support because we want your child to succeed. Please remain positive and supportive of your gymnast, coaches, and the gym at all times. If you have questions, comments, or concerns please ask. All policies and procedures at Spokane Gymnastics are designed to ensure a fun, safe, and successful program for everyone involved. Parents of children potty- trained and older may drop off their children and leave the facility provided they return before the class ends. Parents staying at our facility are required to stay in designated viewing area at all times and may not enter the gymnastics areas.

Communication is essential, and we have an open-door policy for all gymnasts and parents. Please come to any of your child’s coaches before class begins or after class ends if you have a question or concern. We are in business to serve you and your child, and your thoughts and ideas are important to us! Let your child’s coach know if your child has an injury, illness, or medication. Please communicate anything that may affect your athlete’s ability with class, including special needs, personal issues, or anything that might affect your child’s behavior. We happily serve all abilities, and will work with you to find solutions but need to be aware of anything that might impact your child’s participation. Please escort your child into the lobby and meet your child in the lobby as soon as their class ends.

Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their child’s class but are welcome to leave, provided they return PRIOR to their child’s class completion. For their safety, gymnasts are not allowed to wait outside the building or to leave with anyone other than their legal parent or guardian without the written permission of their parent unless it is a car-pool situation where the child arrives with the other parent. PLEASE SEE SPECIFIC UPDATES FOR PROCEDURES AND WATCH THE ORIENTATION VIDEO WHICH IS EMAILED INDIVIDUALLY TO EACH ENROLLED STUDENT BEFORE THE START OF CLASS.

It is possible that a gymnast will have to leave or will not be allowed to join our program. This may include the gymnast leaving due to the actions or inactions of their parents. We never want to punish a child for the actions of their parent(s). Our intent is not to punish the child in these instances. However, we cannot tolerate parents who, by their words or actions, do not support the policies and values of our program. We also cannot accommodate students who repeatedly cause disturbances to the point that it negatively impacts the integrity of the class, our program, or the safety of themselves, their coach, or other students.

Spokane Gymnastics reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. Refunds are not given on any tuition or fees paid to Spokane Gymnastics should the actions of your family or child compel us to remove your child from our program.

Communicating effectively with every parent and student in our classes is a challenge, but one that we embrace! We provide handouts to your child after class on a regular basis to keep you informed as to special programs and updates, plus we keep our website current with as much information as possible. Please check spokanegymnastics.com regularly to stay informed about your child’s gymnastics program.

Should you have questions, don’t speculate or assume, ASK! Please don’t hesitate to ask your coach questions. Our service desk staff is available to answer questions as well. You should always be able to reach a service desk staff by calling the gym at 533-9646.


Due to liability and our mascots Jemma, Kai and Simeio being protective of their environment, we ask that everyone leave their pets at home. Especially during warmer temperatures, please do not leave pets in your vehicle! ADA certified service animals are welcome; please simply update us at the service desk so we can move our gym mascots. We respectfully ask that you do not bring your pets into either facility. If you need a place for your dog during class, please check-in at the service desk, and we would be happy to give you access to our outside kennel.


We have many students in our program who have SEVERE and LIFE-THREATENING nut allergies. Please do not bring any products containing nuts into either facility. Thank you for your consideration; we appreciate your cooperation. We do everything possible to provide a safe environment for everyone who enters our facility. If you or your child has any medical conditions that we need to be aware of to be extra vigilant in protecting them, please contact or discuss directly with your coach. Please be aware that while we make every effort to provide a nut-free zone, we cannot guarantee our success since we have many children, parents, and visitors enter our facility who may not be aware of our policy.


Each Saturday from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm, a safe, fun, and productive opportunity for children potty- trained through 14 years old. It’s an opportunity for kids to burn energy while learning a progression of gymnastics skills with structured rotations. Campers are grouped according to age and skill level and learn from our knowledgeable, engaged, and encouraging coaches focusing on the development of strength, balance, agility, coordination, and flexibility, along with games, challenges, and themed activities. The kiddos love being able to burn off energy and be physically active with their friends! Please have your child eat lunch in advance and also pack a snack that do not include nut products; children burn a ton of calories with our active camps! Also, bring a water bottle. Parents may drop off or stay and watch from our viewing area. $39 for members, $49 for non-members. One visit may be used in exchange for two make-ups.


Some Saturdays from 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm, and is perfect for children potty-trained through 14 years old. Students will participate in structured gymnastics lessons on all events, along with games, challenges, and themed activities. Previous experience is not required since children are grouped according to age and skill level. Parents can enjoy an evening alone while the kiddos can burn off energy and be physically active! Please have your child eat dinner in advance and also pack a snack that do not contain nut products; children burn a ton of calories with our active camps! Also, bring a water bottle. Please register at least 48 hours in advance, so we have enough coaches to safely accommodate everyone. $29 – members, $35 non-members, or may be used in exchange for two make-ups.