Secret Sisters (or siblings for Men’s and TNT teams)

Current Oct 27, 2023 MLS

Will kick off in November and will go for the entire season!

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How it works:

The coaches choose strategically and assist each team member to another. (We have information saved as to which gymnast has who, and also the answers to the “intel-questions”)

The purpose is to infuse fun and bonding into training for all of Fall, Winter and Spring. The goal is to keep it secret for the entire season; the reveal at the end-of-season parties.

Giving does not need to be associated with meets, or involve big or elaborate gifts—small notes of encouragement and the more random, the better. Items (addressed to the recipient) can be dropped off at the service desk or discretely to the coach, and we will ensure they get them without revealing the giver’s identity. Random, fun surprises are the intention of this program.

For gifts to be delivered at meets, please drop off at the Pines service desk by Wednesday before.

Be sure that all gifts are clearly labeled on the outside with the recipient’s name and team.

Not all gymnasts will attend all meets. If you have any questions, please inquire.

Questions that each gymnast answered (that then was passed on to the girl who has them as a “Secret Sister”)

Favorite Gymnastics Event:
A song you like:
Three words to describe you:
Favorite candy:
Favorite food:
Favorite Snacks:
Favorite Drinks:
Any diet restrictions or allergies:
Favorite TV show, movie, character, etc:
Favorite color:
Hobbies (in addition to gymnastics):
What do you NOT need more of or notable things that you do NOT like:
Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names:
Ears pierced:
T-shirt size:
What else would you like to share: