Special Abilities Programs

Temporary discontinued due to COVID. We look forward to serving you again. Thank you for understanding! 



Spokane Gymnastics offers programs for children with special abilities, including structured classes plus free sensory-friendly indoor playground.

Structured Special Abilities Classes

  • Private and small group classes
  • Exclusively special needs classes
  • Sibling support classes
  • Inclusion classes (with a balance of typically developing children and children with special abilities)
  • Integration into traditional classes with or without the support of an aide.

To get started: Please pre-schedule an individual welcome orientation and tour with your child. To start the process you may complete the request more information sheet and provide your contact information, you may also email casey@spokanegymnastics.com. 


Special Abilities Sensory-Friendly Indoor Playground


Monday – Friday from 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm starting the week of now through June 19th. Free sensory-friendly time for children with special abilities to play in the “preschool gymnastics activity center” during the lowest-traffic time at Spokane Gymnastics. After the initial orientation, students will be able to attend future Special Abilities Indoor Playground for free. Space is limited to provide the best experience for all participants.


To get started: Please pre-schedule an individual orientation at Spokane Gymnastics by calling 315-5433. Primary times are Monday – Friday at 1:45 pm (just before Special Abilities Indoor Playground). Alternative times are 1:30 pm or 2:15 pm.




Supports available at Spokane Gymnastics


  • Quiet, low sensory “caves” located throughout the gym if a child needs to take a break
  • Positive reinforcement strategies and coach training
  • PECS communication and visual schedules available




Currently, Spokane Gymnastics is a pioneering program for this model of inclusion and one of the first in the country to implement the online “LEAP SpectAbilities” curriculum.






$50 per hour for Special Needs Class – may be split between up to 4 students, depending on need

$25 per class for integration into traditional class, for additional coach to assist as personal aid to the child. Based on enrollment in full session of classes (13-week Fall, Winter or Spring, 10-week Summer Session, or if joining mid-session, pro-rated tuition).


$50 per hour for Private Lesson



Meet the leadership team of the newly expanded special abilities program at Spokane Gymnastics

Casey Wilson
Special Abilities Department Leader at Spokane Gymnastics

Casey will meet potential students, then collaborate with them and their support network to develop customized plans to help maximize individual outcomes, based on priorities established through the welcome orientation. In addition to her role at Spokane Gymnastics, Casey is a 4th year student at Gonzaga University. Her future post-graduate plans include becoming an Occupational Therapist, with a focus on individuals with special abilities. For nearly a decade, Casey has served as a unit leader at Camp Providence in Everett, Washington, providing an adaptive summer camp experience for children with developmental disabilities, ages 2 – 13. Casey’s passion is finding the keys and tools to build a supportive program to help each student unlock their potential.

Nichole Bergam
Executive Director of Children FIRST and Special Abilities at Spokane Gymnastics

Nichole has been with Children FIRST since 2010, and Spokane Gymnastics since 2017. She leads Bitty Bee Academy, teaches at the Minis and Mighties preschool and leads “Move to Learn” preschool.

Danielle Turner
Special Programs Department Leader at Spokane Gymnastics

Coach Danielle is an instructor who has been with Spokane Gymnastics for over 9 years and teaches all levels and abilities. Danielle has worked closely with Nichole establishing the Minis and Mighties preschool. An extremely popular coach, Danielle will focus on developing programs, instructor training and daily operations since she is expecting her first child in March.

Caelah Cutlip
Instructor at Spokane Gymnastics

Coach Caelah is passionate about inclusion and providing athletic opportunities for all children. She helped organize a cheer competition team and taught preschool and school-age athletes with autism and down syndrome. She has been an integral part of the team at Spokane Gymnastics for over three years and has successfully integrated students with special needs into traditional classes and even a competitive team.

Nadine Burgess
Owner of Spokane Gymnastics

Nadine’s role is to support the expanded special abilities program by providing the facility, equipment, programs and on-going training for the team at Spokane Gymnastics as well as interested partners in the community.