Special Abilities Indoor Playground

Monday – Friday from 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm now through June 19th

Free sensory-friendly time for children with special abilities to play in the “preschool gymnastics activity center” during the lowest-traffic time at Spokane Gymnastics

To get started:

Pre-schedule an individual orientation at Spokane Gymnastics. Primary times are Monday – Friday at 1:45 pm (just before Special Abilities Indoor Playground). Alternative times are 1:30 pm or 2:15 pm.

The legal parent or guardian of each participant must complete a waiver form. A responsible supervising adult must also remain with the child at all times.

For their safety, children with down syndrome must provide documentation that they do not have Atlantoaxial Instability prior to participation.

The team at Spokane Gymnastics is realistic about expectations. While everyone is welcome, we understand that not all will be able to participate. We will work directly with families to provide opportunities if possible

Our highest priority is the safety of everyone who enters our doors, therefore services will be granted on an individual basis. We will be as accommodating as possible but reserve the right to accept or deny participation.

Space is limited to provide the best experience for all participants. First come, first serve.