Special Abilities at Spokane Gymnastics

Spokane Elite Gymnastics was in business for over 30 years, with multiple owners in several different Valley locations. Nadine Burgess has been coaching gymnastics since 1996 and started teaching at Spokane Elite Gymnastics in 2007. Later that year, she was promoted to manage the gymnastics academy (and along with the support of an incredible staff of coaches), was successful in transforming the culture and growing enrollment.

In 2010 the former owner opted to focus on his gyms in Seattle and provided the opportunity for the staff at Spokane Elite Gymnastics to buy the business. Nadine started a new corporation and immediately changed the name to “Spokane Gymnastics,” which better reflects the mission to provide a quality program for children of all abilities and goals.

In 2013 Nadine purchased the former Stroh’s Fitness Center building at “Argonne Village” and relocated all operations in phases. The team at Spokane Gymnastics continued to add programs and the 30,000 s.f. facility provides an ideal space for special events, specialized preschool gym, parkour and Ninja Zone programs, instructional gymnastics for all ages, plus competitive artistic gymnastics and Trampoline and Tumbling teams.

Nadine serves as the board president of Children FIRST Therapy, is active with Rotary Club 21 and also on the youth services committee, is a Greater Spokane Incorporated Board of Trustee and Executive Committee member, and an active board member of Embrace Washington, an organization that supports children in the foster care system. Nadine describes her mission as “child development by way of gymnastics training,” and her guiding principle is to contribute to experiences that build happier, more confident, resilient, and healthier children, even ahead of athletic achievement.

Special abilities and inclusion have been Nadine’s goal for many years, and she is thrilled to finally have a team in place to serve even more children in the community. In the past two years, Nadine began to focus on the best strategies to be able to provide a safe, fun, and productive experience for children with special abilities. Nadine has worked closely with Karissa Johnson, owner of Spectra Gymnastics to learn as much as possible, by observing her program and training at Karissa’s facility outside of Portland, Oregon.

In October 2019, Nadine organized a two-day training with Karissa at Spokane Gymnastics. The first day was the Spokane Gymnastics Special Abilities leadership team discussing what programs to provide in phase one, then planning details and implementation. Day two was open to the community and included de-escalation, communication (receptive, expressive, adaptive), peer matching, sensory strategies, emotional regulation, and creating a safe environment.
Currently, Spokane Gymnastics is a pioneering program for this model of inclusion and one of the first in the country to implement the online “LEAP SpectAbilities” curriculum.

Starting in January 2020, Spokane Gymnastics will provide exclusively special needs classes, private and small group lessons, sibling support classes, inclusion classes with a balance of typically developing and children with special needs, plus the existing model of integrating one child with special needs into a traditional gymnastics class.

$50 per hour for Special Needs Class – may be split between up to 4 students, depending on need

$25 per class for integration into traditional class, for additional coach to assist as personal aid to the child. Based on enrollment in full session of classes (13-week Fall, Winter or Spring, 10-week Summer Session, or if joining mid-session, pro-rated tuition).

$50 per hour for Private Lesson