Spokane Elite Gymnastics was in business for over 30 years, with multiple owners in several different Valley locations. In August 1999, Seattle Gymnastics Academy, Inc. bought Spokane Elite Gymnastics. In June 2007, Nadine Burgess was promoted to manage Spokane Elite Gymnastics. The small but mighty crew transformed Spokane Elite Gymnastics to provide quality preschool, instructional and competitive programs.

Growth continued until the Spring of 2010, when the owner of Seattle Gymnastics Academy opted to focus on his four gyms in Seattle. He provided the opportunity for the staff at Spokane Elite Gymnastics to buy the business. Nadine Burgess, the current owner, started a new corporation and changed the name to “Spokane Gymnastics” in conjunction with the new ownership effective July 1, 2010, which better reflects the mission of Spokane Gymnastics, to provide an exceptional gymnastics experience for students with all levels and goals. All new equipment was purchased and installed in June and July of 2010.

In February 2011, Spokane Gymnastics expanded by leasing an additional 4,000 square feet adjacent to the Broadway facility, bringing the academy’s total size to 11,000 square feet. Enrollment growth continued, and in September of 2013, Nadine purchased the 30,000 square foot facility only a couple of miles east of the former leased Broadway location. All programs moved to the main facility, now known as “Spokane Gymnastics Argonne Village” in 2014.

Because of the incredible team of dedicated coaches, Spokane Gymnastics has grown from a small program with eight part-time coaches teaching 125 students. In March of 2020, before COVID hit, Spokane Gymnastics included 82 employees serving 2200 students enrolled in structured classes.

While COVID caused an initial 4-month closure of Spokane Gymnastics, Nadine remained determined to serve her staff, kiddos, families, community, and industry with the same creativity, enthusiasm, and collaboration that she built her program over the previous decade.

Expansion during a global pandemic is not for everyone, but the process started before the emergence of COVID and fits in with Nadine’s mantra of “anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” She purchased another local gymnastics club, hired the founders and members of the coaching staff, and opened the 17,000 s.f. “Spokane Gymnastics Pines” team training facility on June 1, 2020.

Both gyms safely operated from July 6 – November 16, 2020, before being shut down for a second time due to a state-wide government mandate. While open between closures, the program’s value to students, families, and the community was tested and affirmed. The coaches at Spokane Gymnastics demonstrated that they could and would step up to do whatever was needed to serve children safely, and all operations were updated. The safety protocols, consistent care for everyone who enters either facility and adapted business model were proved.

The coaches at Spokane Gymnastics strive to balance teaching proper gymnastics techniques along with keeping gymnastics fun! Over the past decade, everyone on the crew at Spokane Gymnastics has contributed to providing an excellent instructional program in a fun and supportive environment and also producing high-quality competitive gymnasts.

While the trials of 2020 have been more than anyone could have ever imagined, it also revealed the character of the team at Spokane Gymnastics and just how determined, creative, safe, and wacky they are. Even more committed than ever, the crew has worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to be prepared to welcome back students to Spokane Gymnastics!

Both facilities re-opened in the winter of 2021, with instructional students enjoying classes at Argonne Village and all competitive athletes and teams having a condensed, but a full season. The individual gymnasts and teams did exceptionally well, earning many awards and recognition at various competitions throughout the season. Multiple Spokane Gymnastics teams are currently the Washington State Champions.