Staff Culture Statement

We Desire to deliver an exceptional experience for everyone who enters our doors. 

We Believe that gymnastics taught in an encouraging environment will help children reach their full potential. 

Today is our opportunity to better the world by positively impacting the lives of children in our community. 

Our Service is safe, fun, productive, and life-shaping. 

Our People are leaders who are passionate about children and gymnastics. And most importantly are: 

Super (role) Models 




Our Reward is seeing the joy of accomplishment when our students obtain achievable goals. 

Our Facility is fun, safe, inviting and uncommonly clean. 

We Understand that individual responsibility and teamwork is what makes our program strong. 

We Offer a variety of programs to best meet the individual needs and interests of our community. 

We Are not done yet. While proud of what we have accomplished together, we will continue to improve as individuals and innovate as an organization, so we may better serve our students and their future.