Class Instructions and Updates




Fall Classes now through December 5, 2020 and includes 13 weeks of classes, over a 14-week time span. 

All instructional classes, camps, and special events are at our main facility, Spokane Gymnastics Argonne Village – 2515 N. Locust Road Spokane Valley 99206 – located near Argonne and Montgomery just east of the Yokes Fresh Market. Our entire 30,000 s.f. facility is air-conditioned. We offer complimentary Wi-Fi internet access, and snacks and drinks are available for purchase. (Our other facility, Spokane Gymnastics Pines, is the location of our competitive team program.)

Students should wear comfortable clothes, similar to what children would wear to PE classes. For girls, the best dress from the standpoint of instruction is a leotard but is not required at Spokane Gymnastics.  Please no bare midriff, if sports bras and shorts are preferred by the student, then a fitted tank top or t-shirt must be worn as well. A tucked in T-shirt and shorts or stretchy athletic style pants is acceptable, but no belts, buckles, snaps or zippers are allowed on our equipment. No jewelry may be worn and hair shoulder length or longer must be tied back. Students will remove their shoes and socks and will be barefoot during class.

Detailed information about face-coverings and our plan to screen everyone who enters our facilities

Coaches wear face coverings. Students are NOT required to wear face coverings while in class. Per Washington State proclamations, everyone five and older is required to wear a face covering. Unless exempt, gymnasts five and older should wear a face covering on when they enter and exit the facility. Students may keep their face covering with their personal belongings while they are doing gymnastics. Students are NOT required to wear a face-covering when in class. (Per the 20-05 proclamation, those exercising indoors and who are not part of a team sport may remove their face coverings.) The July 24, 2020 proclamation from Governor Inslee prohibits businesses from allowing customers to enter a business without face coverings. We must comply with this order. Spokane Gymnastics was already was closed for FOUR months because COVID. Please do not put our business in jeopardy of being shut down again! If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, then our active environment is probably not the best place at this time, and we are happy to provide special accommodation or future services. Thank you for your consideration of not putting our staff in a precarious situation.

During the closure, we’ve been working hard to make the necessary updates so we would be ready to welcome students to our program. In April, even before the extension of “Stay Home, Stay Healthy,” we made the decision to wait to reopen until July for our instructional classes so we would have time to adopt best practices, train all our coaches, and make necessary updates to our facility. There will be challenges, but we realize the importance of taking our time to be thoughtful and strategic. Since June 1st, we have been providing gymnastics training for small groups of our team athletes at our Pines facility.

We don’t have it all figured out, but we are continuing to learn. If you think of questions or ideas, please share with me, so we can continue to improve. Our entire team will do the best we possibly can, but we are not, and will not be perfect.

We realize that outside of our control, another student or parent may arrive sick and potentially expose others. In addition to protecting all our students, families, and community, I’m also concerned about our coaches. We will be vigilant about watching for signs and continue to be generous and accommodating with make-ups. We will need everyone’s cooperation and patience.

For those with a compromised immune system or families who have any hesitation or concern, we invite you to wait until a future session. While we have chosen to provide classes, there is no pressure or rush for anyone to attend now.

Finally, specifics on what has changed at Spokane Gymnastics, and what is remaining the same.

We look forward to providing a safe, fun, and productive gymnastics experience, whenever it is the best time for each family.

As always, if you have any questions, or if there is anything I may do to assist, please reach out. Thank you!


Nadine! Burgess
Spokane Gymnastics
509-533-9646 Argonne Village (Main Facility)
509-290-5270 Pines (Team Facility)
509-590-6177 Mobile

Where – Spokane Gymnastics Argonne Village –  2515 N. Locust Road Spokane Valley 99206

Wear – Comfortable clothes, similar appropriate attire for a PE class, or leotard. Bare feet please, and long hair tied back. Uniform required for Ninja Zone classes and athletic shoes for Parkour classes.

Please bring: 

Face-covering for entering and exiting the facility (FACE COVERINGS ARE NOT REQUIRED DURING GYMNASTICS ACTIVITY, for children 5 and younger

Water bottle

Bag to contain personal items

General gymnastics consent form and COVID Waiver 2020 Spokane Gymnastics and COVID waivers

All three for those enrolled in Ninja Zone or Parkour – 2020 NZ PK and COVID

All forms are available at Spokane Gymnastics