Team Weekly Challenge

Week of January 4th: 

Gymnastics Trivia Night! 

Friday, January 8th at 5:30pm

Same link as the all-team work-out

Meeting ID: 917 2665 5835
Passcode: 354916

No need to sign up in advance, be prepared with notepad, paper or white board, plus a pen.

Questions will be multiple choice, each gymnasts will display their answer, cameras on, and score will be kept. The winner will be crowned “Gymnastics Genius” and everyone should learn new facts about our favorite sport and have fun!


Independent Daily Goals!

I believe that consistency and structure is vital to emotional and psychological health, in addition to physical. I understand that many are “zoomed out” and it is challenging to stay motivated with so much uncertainty.

A plan which might help:

Starting January 1 we are keeping track of attendance at zoom workouts (all-team and individual team huddles). Our goal is to encourage consistency and provide incentives, although as always, there is no pressure for anyone to do anything that doesn’t work for their particular needs. The team at Spokane Gymnastics will continue to provide opportunity, it is up to each gymnast to choose what to participate with each day.

Zoom Gymnastics Buddies – You may still sign up for a gymnastics buddy. For all details or to request a connection:

Zoom Gymnastics Buddies

Each gymnast is encouraged to put together a plan for themselves.

Suggestions include:

Individual daily work-out, ideally 5-10 minutes. Example provided:

2021 Daily Workout Commitment Addendum A

Other ideas:

10 deep breaths with eyes closed

Get outside for at least 15 minutes

Show appreciation to a family member

One random act of kindness

Learn something new (can be a simple fact)

Organize or clean one thing

Visualize something positive

Write down one thing that you like about yourself, or are proud

Documents (with suggestions, with and without dates)

2021 Daily Routine with Dates

2021 Daily Routine without dates

2021 Daily Routine Blank Table

Example of workout. This is what Nadine! will do each day, please design your own


Week of December 28


100 challenge challenge!

Try to do throughout one day:
100 burpees
100 push-ups
100 V-ups
100 seconds of a plank hold
100 tuck jumps

You can start by choosing one, and if you want a SUPER challenge, see if you can do ALL five in one day. Whether you are doing one, a few or all five, break it up into sets of 10 or 20 throughout the day.


Each interested gymnasts may participate in the “Zoom Buddy Connection”.

To sign up, please visit:

How it works:

Spokane Gymnastics will match each gymnasts who signs up with another gymnast. It may be from a different team, but we will connect gymnasts of similar skill level.

The “Zoom Buddies” will then exchange contact information and communicate directly, outside of Spokane Gymnastics.

The goal is for each athlete to have the option for additional support, accountability and a personalized connection with another gymnast, who likely is experiencing similar challenges.

Each participant agrees to check in with their buddy at least once per week PLUS

Complete one “Zoom Buddy” (partner) work-out together via zoom or another platform, scheduled and executed independently of Spokane Gymnastics. Before the workout, each partner will create a 20-minute lesson plan that they lead, and do with their buddy. Each gymnasts will lead for approximately 20-minutes, then also follow their partner for 20 minutes.



Other ideas for the Zoom Buddies:

Accountability partners – update each other on progress with daily assignments from coaches

Compare notes and tips about the weekly challenge

Check in with progress, commit each day:
(optional, this is an example)

10 deep breaths with eyes closed

Complete independent five-minutes of fitness (routine created by each gymnast for themselves to do each day)

Get outside for at least 15 minutes

Show appreciation to a family member

One random act of kindness

Learn something new (can be a simple fact)

Organize or clean one thing

Visualize something positive


“If you want a good friend, be a good friend.”



Bonus! December 25

12 Days of Christmas
As taught by Coach Tucker and demonstrated by Coach Nadine!

Video was AFTER going through the previous 11 rounds – be kind 🙂

1 Wall Sit for 30 seconds
2 Burpee Tucks (jumps)
3 Handstands
4 Candlesticks
5 Sumo squats
6 Mountain Climbers (bonus points for in handstand against a wall)
7 Split squats
8 Plank elbow up-downs
9 Reverse crunches
10 Lever kicks
11 V-ups
12 Jumping jacks

Bonus! December 22 

With Coaches Aspen and Caelah – the dance learned in “Dance and Drills Team workout” 
Posted for those who would like to practice more at home. Share with your family!
Can’t see you grandparents or aunts and uncles in person this year? Why not video yourself doing it and send it to them? Free-style dance and show off your skills!

Weekly Challenge – December 21 – 26

Gymnastics routine fun – do your floor routine to a song from the radio. Make it look like it was meant for that song! Mix it up! Bonus points if you also do it with your beam routine.

Weekly Challenge – December 14 – 18

Zoom talent show!

Weekly Challenge – December 7 – 13

Agility and Endurance Challenge – Tuck jumps (knees to chest) how many total can you to in a row without a break?

Balance Challenge – Get a shirt, baggy pants, socks. Put them in a gym bag. The goal is to stand on one foot and put them on without falling over, touching the ground with hands or other foot and without hopping all over the place. Too easy? try with the other foot!

Flexibility Challenge – Lay down on tummy with hands behind back and circle legs around through straddle splits, and then stand up without using arms

Strength Challenge – Handstand push-ups. Options are against a wall, arms bend to 90* angle (head does NOT need to touch) or in wide open space, from headstand popping up to handstand then balance to press down, with control, back to headstand.

We now have an all-team Facebook group!