Alex Neupert

Alex, a native of Spokane, WA, currently attends Carroll College where she studies Health Science, Public Health, and Spanish. Alex was on the Xcel team for about 5 years at Spokane Gymnastics and has participated in gymnastics for 13 years. Her favorite event is Vault. Alex loves working with Levels 3 and 4 and enjoys teaching Floor the most. Alex describes her coaching style as having a plan and sticking to it. With younger kids, she highlights the importance of having fun, but with older kids, she has a stricter approach because she wants to see her students succeed. She hopes to work her students out of her class, so they can progress, and believes in reaching the students’ goals.  

Outside of Spokane Gymnastics, Alex enjoys all things outdoors. She likes rock climbing, skiing, backpacking, and camping. Alex also loves to travel. She currently interns at a physical therapy clinic. A fun fact about Alex is that she has her paragliding license!