Andi Bash

Andi is from Spokane Valley, WA and currently attends University High School. Growing up, Andi attended Spokane Gymnastics for about three years, then stopped participating in the sport after she got a bad injury with softball and could no longer do gymnastics. Andi started coaching at Spokane Gymnastics in 2023 and has enjoyed growing in her communication skills as she has learned different strategies to instill a love of movement and gymnastics in the kids she gets to work with. Her favorite groups to work with are the Preschool Ninjas and Parkour kids, although she enjoys working with all groups! Andi’s favorite event to teach is Floor because there is so much to learn, and those skills can be used on different events. She also enjoys teaching in the Parkour room. Andi describes her coaching style as taking pride in her work because she loves teaching. She likes to have fun and have the kids enjoy class while also achieving their gymnastics skills.  

Outside of Spokane Gymnastics, Andi loves to play softball. She is on a traveling team and has been playing for 14 years. She also enjoys snowboarding with her family during the winter and music, which is what gets her through the day. A fun fact about Andi is that she loves shoes. She thinks they are unique and give people personality, but also, they are fun to collect!