Arielle Haynie

Arielle is from Mesa, AZ and graduated from Grand Canyon University with a BS in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Sports Performance. Growing up, Arielle started gymnastics at 8 years old, then competed from ages 10-16 up to a Level 7 but was practicing Level 8! Her favorite events were Bars and Vault. Arielle’s experience with kids includes having 6 younger siblings, volunteering as a leader at her church’s VBS camp every year (ages kindergarten to 5th grade), and volunteering in the nursery at church (newborns up to 4-year-olds). Arielle started coaching at Spokane Gymnastics in 2024 and enjoys working with different age groups, skill levels, and personalities. Although the biggest group that sticks out to her are the students who love gymnastics and are having fun. Arielle’s favorite event to teach is Floor because she believes it is the foundation of every event. This is where students conquer foundational skills like strength, balance, and shapes that guide them in the right direction for the three other events. Floor is also arguably the most forgiving event; oftentimes, when learning a new skill on Vault, Bars, or Beam, it’s first practiced on the Floor! Arielle describes her coaching style as emphasizing positive reinforcements, adaptability, and intentional planning. One of her goals is to teach positive self-talk to each of her students. At such a young age, students are in the best position to learn and practice speaking to themselves in a positive and uplifting manner. What we say to ourselves, even just in our minds, makes a huge impact on who we are and what we do. Adaptability is also a cornerstone of Arielle’s teaching style. She is very aware that even though a group of gymnasts are at the same level, there will be vastly different skill levels among the group, stressing the importance of on-the-spot adaptability. Arielle also commits her time to pre-planning classes for optimal practices that emphasize skills and drills that are appropriate for the students’ specific skill level.  

In her free time, Arielle enjoys powerlifting, reading, and playing with her puppy! A fun fact about Arielle is that she loves doing pull-ups and the most that she has ever done in one set is 19!