Avéa Emerson

Avéa is from Spokane, WA and graduated from Ferris High School. Growing up she did 3 years of gymnastics in high school. Her experience with kids includes coaching tennis for elementary students for RecTennis. Avéa started working at Spokane Gymnastics in 2024. She enjoys working with Level 2 gymnasts because they are the ones that believe in themselves and are okay with failing to improve as well as they are encouraging to others. Avéa describes her coaching style as charismatic, personable, detail-oriented, fun, bubbly, excited, and determined.  

In her free time, Avéa enjoys playing electric/acoustic guitar, singing, making music in her room with other people, tennis, running, yoga, art, hanging out with friends and family, experiencing new things, and diving into her faith. A fun fact about Avéa is that she comes from a musical family who is well known in the music industry globally.