Copperlyn Gannon

Copperlyn is from Spokane, WA and currently attends West Valley High School. Growing up, Copperlyn did gymnastics from ages 5-11 at Spokane Gymnastics. Coach Kelsie was her coach, and her favorite events were the Trampoline and Bars. Copperlyn’s experience with kids includes babysitting since she was 14 and teaching swim lessons. Copperlyn started working at Spokane Gymnastics in 2024 and enjoys working with Preschool and Level 1. Her favorite event to teach is Bars. Copperlyn describes her coaching style as energetic and compassionate.

In her free time, Copperlyn runs track and cross country. She also swims for fun. A fun fact about Copperlyn is that she is that her name is from the element copper, and she can do a 360 wake-surfing.