Dakota Lantz (CIT)

Dakota is from Spokane, WA and will be attending Rogers High School. Growing up, Dakota taught herself gymnastics, then started doing gymnastics at Spokane Gymnastics where she reached a Level 5. Her favorite events are Tumbling and Vault. Dakota has been babysitting for 2 years and often helps with her church’s nursery. Dakota started as a CIT at Spokane Gymnastics in 2024. She enjoys working with the younger kiddos and her favorite event to teach is Bars. Dakota describes her coaching style as hands-on. She prefers to show the kids what she wants them to do, then she explains it to them. 

Outside of Spokane Gymnastics, Dakota enjoys volleyball, drawing, going on walks/adventures, and traveling. A fun fact about Dakota is that she learned how to cook basic meals at the age of 3, like pancakes and eggs.