David Edwards

David has extensive gymnastics experience including 10 years where he competed. During his time in high school gymnastics, his team won the state championships and were ranked in the top ten in the country for his four years. David ranked second in the country as a High School All-American on Floor and Vault his senior year. David’s main competitor on his team won third in the NCAA’s as a freshman on Floor. David’s coach produced many D1 college gymnasts and even one who became an Olympic gold medalist! David’s favorite events were Floor, Vault, and Horizontal Bar. Additionally, he served as an unofficial coach for the high school girls’ team, who were also state champions. One of the team members had been an elite gymnast on the junior national team and was ranked the number one elite gymnast in the country on Beam.

David has coached at Spokane Gymnastics since 2021 where he mainly coaches Xcel. He has many years of experience working with children including raising four children of his own and teaching junior high and senior high school kids at The Enrichment Cooperative for Spokane School District 81 for many years. David’s favorite event to coach is Floor, but he likes them all. He enjoys working with all ages but especially likes working with gymnastics who are eager to learn new skills and who try to make their gymnastics beautiful. David describes his teaching style as unique to each gymnast. He likes to get to know his gymnasts so he can modify his teaching methods to get the best result. His gymnasts tend to think of him as fun and funny, but he also has high standards for respect, kindness, and sportsmanship. He feels it’s his responsibility to model these same attributes. David thinks of his gymnasts as humans first and athletes second because he considers their physical and emotional health. He views gymnastics as a vehicle for happy and healthy humans who are making lifelong happy memories of the gym.

David studied architecture and architectural engineering at the University of Colorado and became a licensed architect and helped design many Spokane buildings including the Spokane Arena. He has been a full-time college instructor at Spokane Community College since 2005 and also earned his Master of Education from EWU. One of his favorite things about teaching is motivating students and getting them to believe they can reach lofty goals. As one of the very few instructors to have been awarded the Exceptional Faculty of the Year award twice,  he is often called upon to mentor other instructors through the tenure process to help them become better instructors.

Outside of Spokane Gymnastics and Spokane Community College, David enjoys doing gymnastics, springboard diving, hiking, kayaking, and doing art. David also loves to travel: a fun fact about him is that he has been to 49 states and camped in 48 of them (only Alaska left).