Hannah Yohe


Hannah is from Spokane, WA and graduated from Enlightium Academy where she studied Psychology and Bio-med. Hannah did artistic gymnastics for 12 years and made it to Level 9 but only competed up to Level 8. Her favorite event was Floor and she specialized in Tumbling. Hannah grew up as a foster sister for a foster home. Starting at age 7, her family took children in their home. When she was 12, she started volunteering at a weekend daycare. In high school, Hannah assisted coaching preschool gymnastics classes. Then after she graduated, she became a pre-K teacher until she started coaching at Spokane Gymnastics in 2022. Hannah enjoys working with kids over 6 years old and her favorite event to teach is Euro-Tramp. While coaching, Hannah never yells. She likes to build shapes before building skills by starting with several drills. Hannah prioritizes safety and mental health before prioritizing performance. 

In her free time, Hannah paints (oil and acrylic), plays musical instruments (piano, cello, and violin), creates digital art and digital animation, writes music, and sings. A fun fact about her is that her favorite color is pink! đŸ™‚Â