Kayla Castles

Kayla grew up in Spokane Valley, WA and graduated from University High School. Growing up, she did gymnastics at Spokane Elite and ended up at Northwest Gymnastics. She competed for many years and gracefully bowed out going into Level 7. Kayla has very fond memories of her coaches during those years and can look back and appreciate their passion and strict teaching style. Kayla has two young children of her own, Lucy and Millie. They are the best of buds and come with a whole girl gang of cousins. Throughout COVID, Kayla worked with at risk youth in a group home. During that year, her eyes were opened to how crucial it is to lift kids up and treat them as if they are the most important person on earth. Kayla started working at Spokane Gymnastics in 2024 where she enjoys working with all ages. She believes it’s an honor to be a light in a kid’s world and they will change you for the better if you let them! Kayla loves the power of the Vault and the elegance of the Beam so they are her favorite events to teach. She describes her coaching style as encouraging and meticulous. Kayla wants kids to feel they are in a safe and fun environment while learning the fundamentals of gymnastics correctly.  

Kayla has a background in MMA and loves functional strength training. A fun fact about Kayla is that she can do a good impression of Stuart’s mom on SNL (what does momma say?!).