Kiarah Johansen


Kiarah was raised in Spokane, WA and graduated from Eastern Washington University. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Literacy Education. Kiarah did not do gymnastics growing up, instead she played softball. However, she has a passion for gymnastics and has worked with children almost her entire life. Kiarah began coaching at Spokane Gymnastics in 2020 and discovered her favorite event to teach is Bars and Beam. She describes herself as a firmer coach. Kiarah wants kids to learn, including how to follow instructions and safely do gymnastics, while at the same time still having fun. Kiarah’s favorite classes to teach are preschool and Level 3.  

Outside of working at Spokane Gymnastics, Kiarah enjoys watching anime, reading, handing out with friends and family, and eating different foods. A fun fact about Kiarah is that along with coaching and tutoring, she also subs for District 81!