Quen Phothivongsa

Quen came into this world in the city of Spokane and was raised on the streets. It was a harsh world and he had to turn to a life of parkour as a result. With no Sensei to guide his way, he had to find his own methods for learning parkour. Periodically, he will return to the streets of Spokane to conquer whatever challenges he can find! Quen has a unique fun & exciting personality and displays that in his coaching methods. He hopes that no child has to go without guidance and wants to be the sensei he never had for those interested in parkour. 

When Quen is outside of the gym he is usually spending his time with friends and family, playing games, or eating Jo-Jo’s and Tots. Don’t take Quen lightly; he is a strong man. In fact he was even strong enough to survive being hit by a truck!