Quinn Maier (CIT)

Quinn is from Spokane Valley, WA. Growing up, he did 4 years of recreational gymnastics and has been doing team gymnastics for the last 6 years. Quinn is currently at a Level 9 and is on the Men’s Gymnastics Team at Spokane Gymnastics. His favorite event is High Bar. Quinn started working as a Coach in Training at Spokane Gymnastics in 2023 and enjoys working with Parkour and higher-level gymnasts. His favorite event to coach is Floor Tumbling. Quinn describes his coaching style as doing his best to teach the students in a way that will give them a good foundation with their skills, but also progress their skills quickly and safely. His motto is, “Basics and drills pay for the skills”.  

In his free time, Quinn enjoys competing in gymnastics, playing upright bass, and participating in marksmanship. A fun fact about Quinn is that his nicknames are Q tip, Quinikins, Juice Box, Quinly, and Jimmy Johns.