Communication and Team App

Spokane Gymnastics Team App

Search for “Team App”
Download, then open
Login or sign-up (create a new free account)
Click find your Team/Club – Spokane Gymnastics

Way to communicate:
Team App – options include to all specific team member families, and your individual coach(es),

Email –

To e-mail your specific coach, please direct messages to: and include “Attn Coach ______” in the subject line and we will forward the email to them right away. General team questions may also be sent to that account. Thank you!

Call Spokane Gymnastics Pines service desk – 509-290-5270

Individual team coaches and our service desk staff will be able to take care of general team inquiries, but if you still need assistance, you may then reach Nadine! via email or phone: or 509-590-6177.

If you have any questions regarding team, procedures, or your child’s experience, please schedule a time to meet directly with your team coach at a mutually convenient time, typically before or after training. If you still have questions or need resolution, you may then reach out to Nadine!, the owner at, or directly on her mobile phone, 509-590-6177.

We have a lot of confidence in our coaches and trust them to handle team operations. If there is anything that you believe is a safety concern, urgent, beyond the coach’s capacity, or that you have addressed directly with your coach and you still have questions or concerns, then Nadine! is happy to assist. Please give the team coaches the opportunity to work directly with you and do not automatically pass over the opportunity to work with them.