Team Coach Updates

Team Coach Sub Options 
It is your responsibility to find a substitute coach for your shift if, for any reason, you cannot coach. Do not expect anyone to handle this for you or have the assumption that everyone else will cover if you do not make it in. WE MUST CONTINUE TO KEEP OUR RATIOS, and you are scheduled for your shift for a reason. You are responsible for working your scheduled hours and for securing your own approved subs.
We realize that unpredicted illness or emergencies can occur. As soon as you realize that you might not be able to coach your scheduled shift, be sure to call the service desk at 509-290-5270 (Pines) if you need assistance.


For non-urgent absences:
You must ask permission to be absent. Fill out the absent form at the service desk (at Pines next to the mailboxes). This is common courtesy at any job. You have the right to ask, and the department leader has the right to refuse your request. For non-urgent shift changes, please do not just tell a department leader that you have a sub.


Unless it is an emergency, you must make your request a minimum of 48 hours in advance in the sub-request book at the service desk. We will not accept last-minute requests unless they are emergencies. Most reasons for absence are known well in advance. Two week’s notice is preferred, but a minimum of 48 hours is required. If you will be gone on vacation or for a special event, you should know this weeks prior. You must make your request written so that management has a record of it.


Consistency is key to any successful program, not just gymnastics. If you frequently miss your shifts, your gymnasts will not have the same experience. However, if you do need to miss, we do have many coaches available to fill in so you should not have any problems securing your own subs.


If you are simply running late, then call the Pines service desk at 290-5270.


Please plan ahead. For shifts you know you will miss due to a schedule conflict, be sure to ASK and receive confirmation from the substitute coach. Then alert Bobbi or Kourtnie, and we will switch the shifts in humanity (shift planner). It’s vital that the shifts are accurate for each day in humanity (shift planner), so we have enough coaches but also are not over-staffed.


If you are ill, please do NOT come to work and potentially infect others.


It is a great idea to have a pocket lesson plan prepared for each of your teams so a substitute coach can safely provide productive training.


If you have any reason to believe that you may not be able to make a future shift, please pursue a solution as soon as possible. If you are not feeling well the night before your shift, do NOT wait until the morning of to see if you can find coverage. Please give as much notice as possible to the other coaches and also realize that the likelihood of getting coverage decreases substantially when it is last minute. Our coaches are happy being flexible with notice; for example, if you are not feeling well one day (or are waiting for COVID test results), it is fine to have another coach lined up “just in case.” Then, please be courteous and communicate with them as soon as you have an update either way so they can plan.


Steps for having a substitute for your classes:
1. Identify the substitute and confirm their availability and agreement to cover your shift.
2. Authorize the shift substitution with your manager.
3. Offer and confirm your sub has accepted your shift on shift planner. (In Shift Planner it is important that the sub has “covering for ____” listed so any manager can see who is covering your shift).


Brianna McMillan  |  509-251-8984  |
Caden Liberty  |  509-660-0512  |
Chloe McQuesten  |  509-279-1054  |
Danielle Turner  |  509-218-3970  |
David Edwards  |  509-381-9244  |
Ellary Ferris  |  509-939-8020  |
Eve Chapman  |  509-808-9992  |
Jamie Fitzgerald  |  509-919-0336  |
Jessica Johnstone  |  509-660-8221  |
Jordan Santiago  |  509-319-1439  |
Jordan Stretch  |  509-904-5036  |
Jory Pryor  |  509-720-6062  |
Katherine Fitzgerald  |  509-344-9220  |
Kiarah Johansen  |  509-951-1604  |
Lyra Mylroie  |  509-655-9908  |
Max Bergam  |  509-703-8997  |
Maya Meeks  |  509-953-8299  |
McKenna Murphy  |  509-953-3707  |
Mia Gray  |  509-496-6619  |
Mikah Baggot  |  509-828-8099  |
Mike Armstrong  |  509-951-1465  |
Nancy Armstrong  |  509-951-6097  |
Quen Phothivongsa  |  509-953-1050  |
Sam French  |  509-294-1086  |
Tucker Frye  |  509-951-8029  |
All can do floating or be secondary coach in addition to those above:
Aliyah Simpson  |  509-655-5882 |
Briana Beilstein  |  509-919-0821  |
Jamal Gray  |  971-312-9013  |
Jordan Santiago  |  509-319-1439  |
Katelyn See  |  425-280-3436  |
Katherine Fitzgerald  |  509-344-9220  |
Lexi Bold  |  425-409-7543  |
Luca Risse  |  208-920-1515  |
Meriaya Cargile  |  509-570-2908  |
Paityn Fricke  |  509-919-2315  |
To check a coach’s availability, please log on to the staff portion of the website (your Studio Director login is your user name) and check the day before contacting them. Many coaches are already scheduled for many weekly shifts.