Welcome to team! We look forward to welcoming your gymnast to our competitive program! After reading the following information, please reach out if you have any questions. All team training is at our Pines location unless you are specifically updated. The phone number is 290-5270. Kourtnie or our Pines Department Leader, typically will be available to assist. When no one is at Pines, the phones typically are forwarded to our Argonne Village location.

Please enter through the door in the lobby and exit through the door in the main gym. Parents and guests may go upstairs to the east viewing area, then the gymnasts go into the main gym, then through the tunnel by the floor and put their personal items upstairs on the south mezzanine where they wait for training to start. Gymnasts may wash their hands in either bathroom sink before going upstairs but may be asked to rewash their hands at the beginning of practice.

Gymnasts (and spectators) should not be out on the floor or equipment outside of structured training under the supervision of their coach.

At Spokane Gymnastics, we have a pre-planned lesson for each practice and start training on time. Due to insurance requirements and the need to have all gymnasts properly warm-up and be both mentally and physically prepared for activity, only children who arrive on time for training will be allowed to participate. If you have a schedule conflict or you are running late, but are on your way, please call 290-5270 so we can discuss the best options to safely accommodate your child. Lesson plans are organized from start to finish, and it is important that gymnasts attend full training as much as possible. We do have many make-up options available.

Gymnasts use their own chalk for the Bars. All chalk should be kept in a sealable container. Blocks of chalk are available for purchase at the service desk. If needed, gymnasts may also bring their own supply of athletic tape.

Gymnasts Level 4 and higher should have two pairs of grips that are broken in. Grips do wear out and typically will fail towards the end of a gymnastics season. Grips are not required for Level 3. For the Xcel program, girls typically start wearing grips at the Silver level, but the timing depends on personal preference and need. It is not time-sensitive for gymnasts who are new to team to get grips right away, but if you would like to purchase grips – https://spokanegymnastics.com/grips/

Please have your child pack a large water bottle each day. We do have filtered water available at the refill station.

Spokane Gymnastics Pines is not air-conditioned, so please be as prepared as possible. We open the big roll-up doors strategically and have large fans throughout the facility. Typically training will remain at Pines, but if we need to switch to our (air-conditioned) Argonne Village location, we will communicate in advance using the team app, on each team’s webpage, and through an email.

Gymnasts are always welcome to take a break as needed, and we encourage constant and open communication between the gymnasts, coaches, and parents. If your child needs any special accommodation at any time, please communicate in advance of practice directly with your coach.

Parents are invited to stay and watch any or all activities from the viewing area or may drop children off. For the first several days especially, please come inside with your child when dropping off. At pick-up, please come inside or wait directly outside the exit door to be reunited with your gymnast.

Please have your child eat nutritious food before practice. Gymnasts tend to burn a lot of energy, so also pack plenty of snacks. We take a quick snack break mid-way through training each day. Please provide food that does not contain nut products. We have many students in our program who have SEVERE and LIFE-THREATENING allergies. Gymnasts have access to our refrigerator and microwave.

We also have snacks, water, and sports drinks available for purchase at the service desk. Payment accepted is cash, check, and (minimum of $5 purchase) Visa or Mastercard. You may also pre-purchase a “snack tracker” for your child. The log is kept at the service desk, and they can make purchases at will. If you have any restrictions or would like to authorize your card on file to be charged at specific increments when the snack tracker is low on funds, please communicate to the service desk staff, and they will accommodate you.

Gymnasts should wear comfortable clothes, similar to what children would wear to PE classes. For girls, the best attire from the standpoint of instruction is a leotard. Fitted “bike shorts” are acceptable, as well as athletic pants. Please no bare midriff; if sports bras and shorts are preferred by the student, then a fitted tank top or t-shirt must be worn as well. Please have your child remove all jewelry (besides stud earrings) before all activity, and if her hair is shoulder length or longer, please have it tied back. Gymnasts in artistic gymnastics go barefoot.

If you haven’t already – please download the Team App.

If you ever need to confirm what your child is registered for, you may log onto your account: Access your account. Your primary email address is your login, and if needed, you may reset your password.

As always, if you have any questions or if there is anything I may do to assist, please reach out. Thank you!

Nadine! Burgess
Spokane Gymnastics
509-290-5270 Pines (Team Facility)
509-533-9646 or 509-315-5433 Argonne Village (Main Facility)
509-590-6177 Mobile

Unless you have a specific question that only Nadine! can handle, please use our TEAM email account, for the fastest service. The email address is team@spokanegymnastics.com

Please bring:
Water bottle
Bag to contain all personal items
Personal chalk (if needed)
Tape (if needed)
Spray bottle (if needed)
Tiger paws (if needed)
Personal braces (if needed)
Grips (if needed)
Hair ties
Personal items

Please have all items contained in a bag with your gymnast’s name clearly marked, as possible, on all items.