Demo Team

Flip-tastic Demo Team


The Flip-tastic Demo Team is made up of both boys and girls from Spokane Gymnastics and is by invitation only. Demo Team gymnasts have the opportunity to show off their skills and their smiles as they put on performances at various events in the Spokane area throughout the year.


Participation in special events is encouraged but optional. There might be costs associated with these events (for example, admission ticket for those performing at a halftime show, etc.)

Spokane Gymnastics does not charge for invited students to be on the Demo Team, and there are occasional perks, in addition to fun experiences.

Team gymnasts wear their team apparel, and instructional gymnasts will be asked to purchase the Gymnastics League red leo (girls) with or without fitted black shorts or wear black shorts and a black tank top (boys or girls). Spokane Gymnastics will occasionally provide apparel for gymnasts participating at special performances.

There is no cost for Demo Team practices. Practices will be: The 2nd and 4th Friday of each month from 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm with Coaches Aspen, Jake and Natalie


Demo Team participants will learn a loosely choreographed routine that they will perform at the local events in addition to performing their own tumbling pass.

During parades, they will march with the Spokane Gymnastics banner and perform easy skills including handstands, cartwheels, and round-offs. (Gloves are provided to protect their hands!)

Demo Team gymnasts will be invited to all appropriate activities and events, but are only expected to attend the events that work with their schedule. For planning purposes, we ask that members register in advance by the communicated deadline for each event.

The Demo Team’s goal is to promote both Spokane Gymnastics as well as the sport of gymnastics and to gain performance experience!

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