2020 Spokane Gymnastics Consent

2020 Team Backpack Checklist

2020 Team App Instructions

2020 Team Pines Snack Tracker Authorization

May 31 Update –

Hello Gymnastics Families!

We look forward to seeing you this week!

Feel free to arrive a few minutes early to get settled in. We will limit the number of people in every space, especially the lobby, so you may be asked to wait outside until we are available to assist you.

Please watch this video (less than 3 minutes) with instructions for maintaining physical distance. https://youtu.be/A0h1cwWu23c

Parents are always welcome to stay and watch gymnastics training, or if you prefer, you may drop your daughter off. Please be sure to arrive with plenty of time to pick your daughter up as soon as practice is over. We cannot have gymnasts arriving early, staying late, or groups congregating.

If your daughter has any personal items at Argonne Village that you need to retrieve, you may do so on Monday, June 1st, between 3:00 pm – 6:15 pm. If that time is not convenient, then please reach out so we can schedule another time.

All coaches will have face coverings, but at this time I am not requiring them to wear them as long as they maintain a minimum of 6′ distance. The coaches have prepared lesson plans with drills and progressions that do not require hands-on spotting. Obviously, if a gymnast is falling, all coaches’ reaction is going to be to catch the gymnast to prevent injury. We ask that you pack a face covering in your daughter’s bag as well. We also have extra new masks at the gym in case of an injury, and the coaches need to be within 6′ of an athlete. Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to adapt to do everything possible to keep everyone safe.

Please be sure to review the attached check-list for what to bring to practice each day (pack it in and out).

2020 Team Backpack Checklist

For girls on Xcel Silver team and higher who need it, Spokane Gymnastics will provide one block of chalk, a roll of tape, and individual spray bottle for bars at the start of practice this week, which each girl will keep in her gymnastics bag. We will have those items also available for future purchases. You may pre-pay for a “snack and small items tracker” with the attached form. We will have water and small snacks available, but it is best that the girls are self-contained and bring everything they need with them each day. 2020 Team Pines Snack Tracker Authorization

Credits on each family’s account will be applied to June tuition, and the first payment will be July 1st. We will confirm amounts with each family individually the week of June 29th before any payments are run. If your payment information needs to be updated, we have auto-pay agreement forms available at the Pines or Argonne Village service desks.

Please complete an updated waiver form, which includes our new facility. 2020 Spokane Gymnastics Consent

If you haven’t already, please download the Team App. 2020 Team App Instructions Please request only to join the “Xcel Team” at this time.

As always, if you have any questions or if there is anything that I may do to assist, please reach out. We are so excited to see you soon. Take care!


Nadine! Burgess
Spokane Gymnastics
509-590-6177 Mobile
509-533-9646 Office (After June 22nd)

Message to Spokane Gymnastics students from the coaches


May 22 Update

Hello Spokane Gymnastics Families!

This is the message I have been waiting for months to send. We are so flippin’ excited to welcome you and your daughter back to gymnastics!

2020 Team Important Dates

Thursday, May 28th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Open House at Spokane Gymnastics Pines
11712 E. Montgomery Drive Spokane Valley 99206

The Open House is an opportunity for established team members to meet our incredible crew of team coaches, see the space, and have any specific questions answered before we start training. Due to the need for limited numbers and physical distance between everyone, if possible, we respectfully request only team gymnasts and parents attend. Face covers are encouraged, physical distance must be maintained, and we will not have anyone out on the equipment. Thank you for your cooperation! If you are unable to attend the Open House, then please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes early for your daughter’s first training so we may serve you.

Monday, June 1st, established teams begin training at Spokane Gymnastics Pines. Please see the team-specific schedule. 2020 Spokane Gymnastics Team Schedule

Team coaches may start providing private lessons at Argonne Village (2515 N. Locust Road Spokane Valley 99206) on May 29th and starting on June 5th at Pines.

The Pines facility will be the location for all team training, and Argonne Village will be the location for all instructional classes and special events. The facilities are conveniently located less than two miles apart and are easily accessible directly from Montgomery Drive. Team coaches and athletes will have access to either location for private lessons, but there are guidelines for each facility. Please schedule private lessons directly with your coach.

The coaches and I have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to be prepared to safely accommodate the team gymnasts. Even though we have the option to provide services immediately, we decided in April that we would not offer instructional classes until July 6th. We want to do everything right and will focus only on taking care of our established team gymnasts for all of June.

We will have phases of training and have lesson plans to focus on beam and tumbling skills on soft surfaces for the first several weeks. We are all very realistic and know we are going to see a wide variety of skills, even within a single team.

June 1st – July 3rd established Northwest, and Spokane Gymnastics team members will begin to train in phases. All members will practice with their previous teams. Northwest Gymnastics Xcel athletes will have the opportunity to join the corresponding Spokane Gymnastics Xcel team during this time, then can choose to continue July 6th or switch to another track or level.

Prospective new team members (and current team members who want to explore another track) will have the opportunity to train with the teams from July 6th – August 29th. This will be the time to assess skills and fit; our priority is the safety of every athlete, and we also want to make sure that each gymnast is challenged and advancing.

We are committed to providing a quality program that is safe. We will not overfill any training time, facility, or team. We will be structured and organized, communicate frequently, and will also need cooperation from all families to serve the needs of all gymnasts. We will establish a realistic and safe progression plan to provide support, and I am confident about what the girls and the coaches can accomplish together.

We have time within our phases, and before teams are set on August 31st to move any girls up a level if that is what is appropriate for their goals and skills. We understand there will be movement between teams in July and August; we will be flexible and accommodating. Each established team gymnast will have 14 weeks to train, therefore ample time to safely regain skills, before teams are set.

Each girl will have the opportunity to join the team that is the best fit for her goals and skills. We have purposely not set limits of spots available for each level or team. We have plenty of qualified instructors who are committed to the season, and we will adapt as needed by adding coaches. 2020 JO and Xcel Snapshot

The week of July 6th Spokane Gymnastics will provide the master team calendar, general team handbook, and specific information on Junior Olympic, Trampoline and Tumbling and Xcel options. 2020 JO & Xcel Details

Team Specific Prices – 2020 Team Prices – JO & Xcel

We will provide a meeting for each team after practice towards the end of each month, June 2020, through April 2021. Also, coaches will be available to meet individually with team families, pre-scheduled, before or after practice, beginning the week of June 8th.

In between July 14th and August 27th, I will have an individual meeting with each established or prospective team member and her parents. This is intended to give Spokane Gymnastics the opportunity to provide an experience for each athlete and her family. Our goal is to understand individual ambitions and priorities and to have clear communication and expectations between everyone before the season starts.

July 20th – 24th – Team Camp for Xcel Pre-Team, Bronze, and Silver Teams, plus Junior Olympic Levels 3 and 4.

2020 Spokane Gymnastics Team Camps

August 10th – 14th – Team Camp for Xcel Gold, Diamond, and Platinum, Junior Olympic Levels 6-10, plus TNT.

For safety, and to ensure a positive experience for all team members, we have decided to provide two team camps. First, limiting numbers and giving space for all gymnasts to spread out is vital. Second, we want to be careful to prevent injuries with all our gymnasts. Over-use or coming back to big skills too soon is something we especially need to be cautious of with our higher level athletes, and having three extra weeks of phased-in training will benefit everyone. Both camps will be Monday through Friday and feature guest clinicians and judges, in addition to our terrific team coaches.

Between July 27th – August 14th, team coaches will meet individually with each gymnast and her family to make plans for the upcoming season.

Monday, August 31st is the deadline to commit to a specific team for the 2020/2021 season.

Please note, we schedule all activities and training around the Spokane Gymnastics All Staff meeting, which is the 3rd Thursday of each month at Argonne Village, starting at 7:30 pm. Coaches will remind impacted teams in advance, but tentatively the next all-staff meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 16th.

Finally, once we are operating with team training (June 1st – woohoo!) following is how to communicate:

Team App – to all specific team families and coaches, your team coach(es), Melissa, or Nadine. Additional information about the app and instructions for downloading will be provided May 28th or after.

Call Spokane Gymnastics service desk 315-5433 (beginning June 22nd).

E-mail your specific team coach or Melissa Linton (Team Department Leader) melissa@spokanegymnastics.com. Individual team coaches and Melissa will be able to take care of all team gymnasts and families, but if after following those steps, you still need assistance, you may then reach Nadine via e mail nadine@spokanegymnastics.com or 509-590-6177.

The past several months haven’t been easy, but I know it will be worth it when we can welcome back the girls!

There will be changes, but Mike, Nancy, Melissa, Kali, Tucker, the team coaches, department leaders, and I have all been working together to make our program even better. Great times are before us, and we are excited to once again provide a safe, fun, and productive gymnastics experience!

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or if there is anything we may do to assist.


Nadine! Burgess
509-315-5433 Office
509-590-6177 Mobile
Spokane Gymnastics Argonne Village
2515 N. Locust Road
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206


2020 Team Important Dates

2020 Spokane Gymnastics Team Schedule

2020 JO and Xcel Snapshot

2020 JO & Xcel Details

2020 Team Prices – JO & Xcel

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