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“Parkour class at Spokane Gymnastics has been a great experience for my daughter (17). She found out about it through Spokane Parks and Rec and wanted to give it a try…..I wanted her to learn how to flip safely and she is hooked….with plans on doing the class year round! Her instructor explains safety and expectations and has lots of stations so the kids can work independently while he mans one area helping the kids run up walls and flip. They practice falling, dropping, jumping and flipping and it seems everyone’s favorite part is tricks into the foam pit.”

“My kids love Spokane Gymnastics! Coach Audri is the best! She works mainly with younger kids and is so patient with my wild 3-year-old son. She always has a plan with her events set up ahead of time and focuses on a different theme each class. Jackson has been a fire-fighter, circus performer and pirate! The gym is clean, the staff professional and I can tell that they love teaching children.”

“Best Gym Around Love coming to Spokane Gymnastics. The coaches are awesome! Encouraging, exciting, knowledgeable, safe and most importantly FUN. There are so many students that it is easy to make friends and there is always something new to be excited about. With the foam pit, zip line, bars, tumble-trak, beams, rings, parallel bars, un-even bars and more-there is ALWAYS something to do and learn. With lots of class options and times, birthday parties, parents night out, moms morning off, open gym, camps and more there is something to fit everyone!”

“My daughter just started her third session at Spokane Gymnastics. It’s a favorite part of her week. Her coach pays attention to the needs of each child and offers tips and support to help them improve and gain confidence in what they are doing. It’s a great experience for my daughter and she loves it.”

“My kids love Spokane Gymnastics!! Thank you to the amazing coaches for showing my kids that they can work hard and have so much fun at the same time. They love coming to gymnastics!! My daughter loves it so much she wanted to have her 8th birthday party there! She invited her friends to join in the fun. I had so many positive comments from her friends saying that “It was the best party… EVER!”. The coach made my daughter’s day so special The owner, Nadine, even called me later in the evening to make sure my daughter’s day was all that she was hoping it would be! Fantastic customer service!! Thank you Spokane Gymnastics for caring about my children, coaching them with love and support, friendly coaching staff and showing them they have no limits as to what they can achieve :)”

“Spokane Gymnastics has been a great experience for my child. The activities and teaching is made fun. My daughter hasn’t done many activities away from her mom and doing gymnastics has really expanded her social skills and her confidence. She loves her coaches and they always encourage her to try, I love it!!!!”

“My two kids love Spokane Gymnastics! My oldest started as a shy preschooler four years ago and has grown to be a confident flipper. My daughter asks daily if “today is gymnastics day”. The instructors seem to love interacting with the kids and the program has seemed to improve over the years. The new owner, (who I have been told has managed the gym for several years) just replaced ALL the equipment and the place is clean and up-to-date. Besides classes we go regularly to the noon-time Open Gym which is a great time to let my kiddos burn off their energy and interact with other moms :)”

“Spokane Gymnastics has really turned out to be our favorite night of the week! Our 4 yr old daughter, Kali, is now in her second session and it truly is her favorite thing to do right now thanks to Spokane Gymnastics. Betsy her coach is amazing with the younger kids! We even had Kali’s 4th birthday party there. We had about 15 kids that came to the party and played in the gym. What an event for the kids! Would recommend it to anyone.”