USAG Membership – a requirement to participate for Gymnastics League

For all gymnasts to participate as part of this competition, an individual athlete membership with USA Gymnastics is required. Please complete by Wednesday, December 27, 2023.

Valid through July 31, 2024
$69 (First time athletes may be $25)

Register online at:

After you have created a profile, then log on, and under your profile, please connect your athlete to our club. It is towards the bottom on the left-hand side. Click “add a club” and add “Spokane Gymnastics,” then “search,” then “add.”

Please select “womens” for discipline, and we will do the rest. Thank you!

Once you have your child’s membership, please link them to Spokane Gymnastics as the club, so the athlete shows up on our roster.

2024 USAG Membership – Parent How-To Guide (PDF)