Waiver Forms

Below is the consent form for participation in Spokane Gymnastics programs.  This form is required for all participants.

Please note that the Parkour and Ninja Zone Waiver form is required in addition to our general consent form for any student participating in Ninja Zone Classes, Parkour classes, Parkour camps or Parkour special events.

Click here for the Waiver and Consent Form!

 Click here for Parkour and Ninja Zone Waiver!


We have many students in our program who have SEVERE and LIFE-THREATENING peanut allergies.  Please do not bring any products containing nuts into our facility.  Thank you for your consideration; we appreciate your cooperation so we can do everything possible to provide a safe environment for everyone who enters our facility.  If you or your child has any medical conditions that we need to be aware of to be extra vigilant in protecting them, please contact the service desk or discuss directly with your coach.  Please be aware that while we make every effort to provide a nut-free zone, we cannot guarantee our success since we have many children, parents and visitors enter our facility who may not be aware of our policy.