Winter 2021 Class Updates

Updates for families with students enrolled in Winter classes (Details about account options included at the bottom of this page)

Unfortunately, the latest state-wide mandate impacts our program, and once again we have been required to close. Both Spokane Gymnastics Argonne Village and Spokane Gymnastics Pines are now completely closed. We will reopen, just as soon as it is safe and legal to do so.

At this time, the restrictions require us to remain closed until December 14. Currently this impacts only the first week of our original schedule for winter classes. We hope to reopen and provide our Winter session of classes a week later than originally planned, but of course will adapt if needed. Tuition for students enrolled in winter session will be pro-rated down at least the week of December 7 – 12, 2020, and more if a longer closure is required. As always, no one will pay for classes that Spokane Gymnastics is unable to provide.

We understand the development of a state-mandated closure impacts all the families we serve, and we are incredibly sad for another disruption in our students’ lives.

While this continues to be a challenging experience for everyone, it has and continues to be worth it! Being able to serve during the past four months, even with limited capacity and programs, we were revitalized by the kids! They energized us and solidified our commitment.

We understand what our program means to our students’ physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. I know that what we provide matters and is essential within our community, so we will continue to give it everything we’ve got, hang on once again, and adapt.

Over the past nine months, even with all the uncertainty and obstacles, our entire team stepped up and did whatever was needed to provide a safe, fun, and productive experience. We adjusted, we cleaned, we proved that we could exceed all our safety objectives and still create an exceptionally fun and valuable gymnastics experience! I am so proud of the level of passion and professionalism that our crew demonstrates and their unwavering dedication.

Being a locally-owned small business and having our program completely shut down for four months between March and July was not something we ever could have been prepared for, then operating at less than 25% occupancy with extremely small ratios has been less than ideal. However, we are creative, we are committed, we are gritty, we are determined to serve our students, families, and community, not just at this time, which I believe is more meaningful than ever, but long term. We are capable of so much more than I previously could have fathomed. Before this latest setback, we were making it work, and I believe each day we were open, we contributed to the lives of our students.

We now have experience with shutting down and safely reopening, our facilities and procedures have already been updated, so we won’t be starting from scratch. We are now experts; we possess skills I would prefer we didn’t have, but we will put them to good use 🙂

I witnessed how much the previous closure impacted our kiddos and families. I understand I have only caught a glimpse of the daily reality that our families endured, and I am broken-hearted by this closure. I also was fortunate to see how so many students blossomed again in a very short amount of time and how resilient children can be. They are amazing, and I am in awe.

The incredible team at Spokane Gymnastics and I are going to serve during this time in the same way that we built our program over the past decade and rebuilt this year when we reopened. We will continue to communicate, be flexible, transparent, accommodating, fulfill our commitments, and provide support for our students, families, coaches, and community.

We will hang on through this latest challenge so we can reopen even better than ever and provide the best possible gymnastics experience. We cannot wait to welcome you to Spokane Gymnastics for winter session of classes, just as soon as we are able! We will continue to post relevant develops on our website and also email updates to those enrolled in classes.

As always, if you have any questions or if there is anything I may do to assist, please reach out.


Nadine! Burgess
Spokane Gymnastics
509-533-9646 or 509-315-5433 Argonne Village (main facility)
509-290-5270 Pines (team facility)
509-590-6177 Mobile


(Winter class account details)

As a reminder for those who enrolled in Winter classes, as always the full credit of what was paid that Spokane Gymnastics is not able to provide will be held on each family’s Spokane Gymnastics account. Tuition for students enrolled in the winter session will be pro-rated down at least the week of December 7 – 12, 2020, and more if a more extended closure is required. The non-refundable surcharge paid for Winter 20201 classes is now held, and in addition to the annual membership fee, is non-refundable.

As many recall, in March, when we needed to shut down abruptly, we took care of our families. We provided full refunds when requested and generous incentives to everyone who chose to stick it out with us. All unused credits remain on each family’s account.

Just as before, no one will ever pay for services that Spokane Gymnastics is not able to provide. In regards to students enrolled in fall classes, 100% of all payments made for classes between Tuesday, November 17, and December 5, 2020 (the last scheduled day of fall session) is now held as a credit on each family account. When we are able to reopen, credits may be used for any Spokane Gymnastics services.

At this time, since the closure is scheduled to be less than 30 days, all credits and accounts are frozen. If closure is more than 31 days, then all credits held on family accounts from services not provided during the closure may be given a one-time 20% incentive bonus.

After the current freeze (through December 15, 2020), if a refund is requested for a deposit or tuition paid, then 100% of tuition for all classes not provided (no matter attendance) will be refunded via check. The phase surcharges and annual membership fees are non-refundable. Requests may be submitted at any time, but Spokane Gymnastics will not process inquires before December 7, 2020.

If a closure lasts more than 30 days, then all impacted families will have the option to continue to hold the credit of what was paid for tuition on their account, and a 20% incentive bonus may be added. Please note if later a refund is requested, any incentive bonuses are forfeited.

For families who choose to receive a refund (via check) instead of holding a credit on their Spokane Gymnastics account, manager approval is required to re-enroll in the future. Re-admittance may include a conversation to determine that all procedures and policies are fully understood and that Spokane Gymnastics is the best fit for everyone involved.

Please note, if requested, Spokane Gymnastics will extend special accommodation by way of a refund ONCE to a family, but repeat refunds will NOT be provided.

Those who would like to register for our upcoming Winter session of classes (dates now unknown, but anticipated for December 14 – March 20 (now 14 weeks) for the full session, or December 14 – January 30 (now 7 weeks) for the abbreviated session may do so by calling 315-5433. Spokane Gymnastics will secure spots in any class with current openings without charging a deposit and will decline to accept any form of payment until we are able to reopen.

Thank you for your patience and support! We can’t wait to serve you again soon!